On January 31, 2020, only menthol and tobacco vape pods will be allowed. The prohibition of the Federal flavor still allows the flavors in pod Rechargeable vape and open tank devices. If you only use the pods Vape or depend bricks and mortar purchases, your choice of flavor were significantly reduced. The news is grim but there is a silver lining. Tobacco ejuices have come a long way since the days of RY4.


Click here for a full breakdown of the ban on federal flavor.

On the state and municipal front, the news is even worse. There are a number of flavor vape bans state and Massachusetts, the nic strengths even stronger is prohibited. There is no recourse but to hunt on the state of tobacco flavors vape in these places. Unless you start smoking, an unwise course of action when the current crop of tobacco vape pods generate incredibly authentic flavor.


It can be reassuring for fans eliquids but ejuices flavored nicotine salt works exceptionally well with tobacco aromas. They are smooth and ideal for pulmonary mouth to vaping. Whatever pod vape kit you use, there will be a tobacco vape salt nic solid pod for you.

There are three big players in the market pods vape: Juul, MyBlu and Alto vUse. There is also the Vibe vUse, a hybrid device that uses no nic salts.

Price wise, Juul is a supreme disadvantage. Pods MyBlu and cost more and vUse are sold in 2 packages. But they hold more than the ability to eJuice twice. The Alto pushes a triple advantage.


From the technology side of the device, Juul has clearly made the smallest device with the lowest battery. The MyBlu and have nearly identical specifications vUse, so at the end of the day, it will boil down to your taste preferences.




RJ Reynolds knows some tobacco and Alto are two of the best vUse Tobacco vape juice market. There is also a pod Alto vUse menthol. A word to the wise, it is pretty light on tobacco. If you are looking for the best alternative Juul currency, there is no better place to start than this pod vape smartly appointed.

The Alto vUse device offers an exceptional experience vaping. It has a 350mAh battery, and each module contains 1.8 ml of vape juice.

vUse flavors are available in 1.8, 2.4 and 5 percent of nicotine. The vUse Alto generates more steam of Juul and runs silently. We pitted against Juul Alto vUse in a head to head comparison, and found the product RJ Reynolds to be more than a match for its popular rival.

The closest match is MyBlu performance, but I personally prefer the experience delivered by the Alto vUse both on and MyBlu Juul. But this is quite subjective.




Alto vUse Golden Tobacco is a sweet tobacco. He was known as Alto original tobacco vUse. But tobacco is much more descriptive name, because as far as the nic salts tobacco go, this one is gold.

Of inhales exhale, the nic salt of tobacco has a superior taste similar to a cigarette. vaporous aromatic notes are present on inhaling, as complex and nuanced as any cigarette you enjoyed. The exhalation is smooth as silk. there is a remarkable lightness vUse original Alto for all the realism ,. Perhaps the reason they get a second taste of tobacco with a little more oomph. As all pods vUse Alto, it is available in three strengths nic: 1.8, 2.4 and 5.0 percent.



Alto Rich vUse Tobacco is a stronger flavor and darker alternative to original vUse Alto. You almost expect your clothes and hair stink after vaping it is how they captured the true flavor of the cigarette. V use is an RJ Reynolds tobacco product and is clearly in their wheelhouse. Rich tobacco is ideal for heavy smokers, especially if the cigarettes were bodied your favorite. The depth of Rich Tobacco satisfaction makes this exceptionally vape. The vUse a little over the gorge

Many people believe that the fog is the reason for the sudden increase in smoking among young people.

On July 22, according to media reports Canada, a study entitled “E-cigarettes and smoking rates among young people in Canada, Britain and the United States: cross-sectional surveys repeatedly national” indicates that this study was published in the BMJ in 2019 after years of continuous decline, teen smoking rate has increased significantly, surprising Canadian Association Electronic cigarette, health authorities and parents across the country.

Many people believe that the fog is the reason for the sudden increase in smoking among young people. However, the publication Canada Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Survey (CSTADS) by Health Canada has resulted in the forced correction and will be published in the BMJ.

“In the original paper BMJ, changes in the smoking rate in Canada 2017-2018 within the past 30 days was reported to be 10.7% to 15.5% (statistically significant increase), and the weight is now being adjusted to 10.7% to 10 , 0% (No major changes). ”

Through this correction, it can be concluded that teenage smoking rates continue to decline, indicating that smoking e-cigarettes do not go into the burning tobacco.

Executive Director CVA Darryl Tempest said that CVA has always been a supporter protect young people from addiction to nicotine and we are very pleased to see that false information has been improved because the statistics are wrong previously reported in this study have been used Maintaining legislation against the most successful harm reduction products on the market.

The Royal College of Physicians has concluded for the sixth consecutive year that smoking e-cigarettes at least 95% less hazardous than smoking. E-cigarettes are intended as a tool for adult smokers to reduce harm. It is not suitable for young people or non-smokers. E-cigarettes have been repeatedly proven to be the most effective smoking cessation products in the world, and 83% of smokers are more likely to successfully quit smoking e-cigarettes than other smoking cessation products.

CVA stated that as a member of society, we all work hard to ensure that young people are not harmed. Therefore, research on the dangers of electronic atomization for young people must be accurate, because a lot of measures to protect young people will affect adult smokers to reduce their danger, so this is very important.

Now, data analysis accurately reflects that there is no relationship between adolescent smoking and smoking. E-cigarette is the most successful tool to reduce the danger, not the entrance to smoke, and the law should reflect this to save the lives of millions of smokers Canada.
The study entitled “E-cigarettes to reduce tobacco and lung health benefits of chronic smokers undergoing lung cancer screening within six months” aims to determine whether e-cigarettes are safe and effective in supporting smoking cessation.

A total of 210 smokers 55 years and older were recruited for the study. They smoked an average 10 cigarettes for at least 10 years. They were randomly divided into three groups, one group was given nicotine e-cigarette, one group was given a placebo (no nicotine), and a control group not given the e-cigarette. All participants received smoking cessation program three months, which included cognitive behavioral programs to support them to change behavior and increase their motivation to stop smoking.

Data collected through measurement of self-reported, clinical evaluation, and Leicester Cough Questionnaire found that among those who continued to smoke for 6 months, no significant difference in the number of cigarettes smoked per day between the two groups, while the nicotine group of cigarettes daily average 11 cigarettes smoked, while the nicotine-free e-cigarettes smoked 14 cigarettes a day, while the control group smoked 13.5 cigarettes.

Among those who continued to smoke for 6 months, the difference in the other group is significa that

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What sets the Orion DNA GO apart from the crowd is the fact that it incorporates an Evolv chipset. These chip boards are understood throughout the vape market for precise and secure performance. The Orion has a maximum result of 40 watts and also can be set to three various outcomes with a modification switch.


Power is acquired from an incorporated 950mAh battery which is recharged through a discreet micro USB port at the base of the mod. At the top of the Lost Vape Orion Husk Set, you will observe a 2ml refillable skin cartridge that is set up onto the battery via a proprietary procedure.


25ohm or 0. 50ohm stainless-steel coil. Because this is not a sub ohm system, it is encouraged not to utilize it with high pure nicotine e-liquids such as nic salt juices. The heat-resistant Delrin drip pointer that is placed on top of each capsule results in a mouth-to-lung kind vape experience.

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In the style department, the Lost Vape Orion DNA GO package seems mobile, although the precise measurements have not yet been released. As well as, the appearance looks elegant thanks to focus to information, an alloy chassis and abolone or carbon fiber surface choices. Measurements: unknownPortableAlloy chassis with charming carbon fiber or abolone950mAh integrated batteryMicro USB charging port at bottomDelrin drip tipDual flexible air movement on drip tipHeat resistantMTL kind vape experienceRefillable pods2ml capacityProprietary installation processPod coil optionsAdvanced Evolv DNA Go BoardMaximum output: 40WAdjustable outputLow power (white LED)Tool power (blue LED)High power (red LED)Replay functionality (green LED)Quick firingTotal Views Today: Overall Views:.


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The Lost Vape Orion DNA Go Beginner Set is the contemporary development of vaping technology, incorporating Evolv’s sophisticated DNA Go chip within a remarkably machined framework in a small, pod-size framework for an incredible masterpiece! The Lost Vape Orion DNA Go Starter Package is the modern innovation of vaping innovation, integrating Evolv’s advanced DNA Go chip within an exquisitely machined framework in a portable, pod-size framework for a magnificent work of art! The Lost Vape Orion is built with attention-to-details machining, manifesting an extremely sturdy alloy shell with beautiful genuine carbon fiber or Abalone information to create a truly lavish all-in-one, or AIO, shuck system.


Managed by a receptive bottom change button with equivalent LED lights, the Lost Vape Orion has 3 basic output: Low (White Light), Tool (Blue Light), and High (Traffic Signal). An added feature is added to the gadget, Replay Functionality, enabling customers to precisely save one of the most current preferred outcome for future shooting level – VapeOnline is best vape store.


Internal 950mAh Rechargeable Battery 450 Puffs Per Cost Advanced Evolv DNA Go Board Maximum Wattage Outcome: 40W Replay Capability – Thumbs-up Three Power Outputs: Low (White), Tool (Blue), High (Red) Intuitive LED Lights – Proper Mode Analysis Highly Responsive Shooting & Modification Button 3mL Refillable Capsule Cartridge Layout Each Skin Lasts Regarding 400 Smokes Per Pod Proprietary Sheath Cartridge Setup 0.


5ohm SS316L Coil Shuck – Flavor-Focused MTL Delrin Drip Pointer Twin Flexible Airflow – Situated Listed Below Drip Idea MicroUSB Port – Cost & Firmware Upgrade using Escribe Short-Circuit Defense Weak Battery Defense Temperature Security Low/High Resistance Protection Framework Color Styles – Stainless, Black, Blue, Gold Framework Panel Color Styles – Carbon Fiber, Gold Abalone, Ocean Scallop 1 Shed Vape Orion DNA Go 2 0 (VapeOnline is best vape store).


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When Lost Vape first began the vape scene in 2014, they swiftly came to be well known for their credible construction as well as durability. Years of innovation has caused the creation Lost Vape’s Orion DNA GO and also Orion Q, functional hull mods that are some of the most intelligent on market. Lost Vape has virtually reinvented the video game with their Orion DNA GO, a shuck mod that supports both sensational sub-ohm abilities, as well as MTL hits with your preferred nic salt juice.


The Orion DNA GO includes E-scribe software application which permits you to personalize your vaping experience straight from your web browser. The Orion Q was created to be adjustable however with much less customization than the DNA GO, making it a terrific tool for individuals who like to vape on the go!Additionally, Shed Vape deals refillable capsules for the Orion DNA GO as well as the Q.Our clients like Lost Vape’s Orion for its durable develop and also its dependability.


The Lost Vape Orion Q Mod gets rid of the Evolv DNA chipset found in the initial Lost Vape Orion DNA Most likely to enable for a a lot more budget friendly rate. The Orion Q keeps the same attractive stainless steel structure with an elegant panel design. The Orion Q features an integrated 950mah battery capacity with an outcome electrical power of 17 watts.


The Orion Q utilizes refillable 2. 0ml capacity vessel cartridges with natural cotton which are not included and also offered independently. The mouth piece features an adjustable air movement control ring created for both mouth to lung and direct lung individuals (VapeOnline is best vape store). The Orion Q may be billed by means of the micro USB charging port.


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0ml Output Electrical Power: 17WSimple One Button DesignStainless Steel Frame with Luxurious Panel DesignBattery Life Indicator LightAdjustable Airflow Control Ring for Mouth to Lung (MTL) and also Straight Lung (DL) UsersCartridge Lock SwitchUtilizes Orion Q Refillable Covering Cartridges with Organic Cotton (Sold Separately)Consists Of Lanyard Micro USB Charging Port Tips for brand-new pure nicotine users: Sub-ohm or reduced resistance atomizers generate a greater throat hit than typical, high resistance atomizers.


Choice may vary depending upon the customer as well as frequency of use. For basic, high resistance atomizers or restrictive tools (ex-spouse. shuck based, pen), we advise 6mg or greater due to the mouth to lung (MTL) style of this atomizer, storage tank. Choice may differ depending on the customer and also frequency of use. Caution: Below ohm or low resistance storage tanks should just be used by skilled individuals.