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Vapeciga lost vape orion loss Lyra Quest is the latest popular manufacturer of the kit vaporiser vaporizer lost. They are the most popular mods for DNA as Therion, triads, and the paranormal, but lately has been the trend and backs focus on pod kit with Orion and now this. Orion uses DNA chips ranging, but as Orion Q after he used a chip of their seats.Manufacturer Specifications:
Dimensions – 96.3mm by 30.8mm by 15.8mm
integrated battery 1000mAh
Maximum power: 20W
3 power level
single button
threaded mounting point cord optional
The side air flow slots
LED battery indicator appeal
Log pod complementation
2 ml capacity Pod
Top Content System – Dual Port
leather cover coil funnel and fill port
Spray Lira series Missing Reel
Mesh 0.6ohm coil
MTL 1.2ohm coil
coil nipple
Short Circuit Protection
Low Battery Protection
the temperature protection
Protecting low resistance
robust protection
microUSB port
Highlights Reel
Mesh 0.6ohm coil
1.2ohm coil Kanthal MTL
Included in the box:
A battery Lyra
1 Lyra Pod
Coil 1 0.6ohm Mesh
Coil 1 1.2ohm MTL
Kit Summary
Lyra is oval style AIO (all in one) pod kit, which means that no change or a separate tank which may be used with other things. It has a replaceable pods for their parts, but sold separately and the coils are replaced and can reuse the basket as Breeze 2 or the North.

Intelligent design is very similar to that of the lost vape orion show new. It was a good size after all. There is no option adjustable air is fine for most of the pods have but it is always an advantage when they do. It has a standard capacity of 2 ml. 1000mAh stored in the battery and output devices is not adjustable. It has built a USB charger, but could not find the level of those rates.It is very well built, and a little on the heavy side. I’m sure later, the cat explained wise, but all the skin and before a frame to frame and bow black iris. Both they have a glossy finish on the frame and looks very well and no signs of wear and skin both look and feel good. Pods attached to the battery via the system with one click and well they fit well with any movement or play. To remove the sheath removed simply. To replace the coil simply unscrew the top of the nacelle. Has to remove the funnel sheath 1 is fixed in the body of the vessel. Then the winding head has a good chunk of metal thumbscrew handle and also easy to unscrew the basket. fill pretty basic. You must remove the rubber funnel again for two plugs one at each side confronts. I would like to open a second in the air has an output and is easy and quick to complete. No problem.

The usage is lost vape orion get code. It has a button that is the shutter button. Click Fire 5 times to turn on or off. You can press the shutter button to also see the power of the battery. Battery LED around the shutter button and green (100% -65%), blue (65% -15%), Red (<= 15%). I wish it was a little better spaced well. It also has an adjustable output. Click to shoot 3 times to go to another mod and LED indicates the mode. According to the manual output (coil 0.6 / 1.2) in green watts (20.11) Blue (18/10) Red (9.16) is very low, medium and high. fully exposed sheath was good, but it was quite dark.

Quest lost Spray Kit Pod Lyra comes with one, but two large coils. All kits should always include two coils / pods. There are two options for this coil and kit each comprising a DTL MTL coil 1.2 and coil mesh ohms 0.6 ohms. I use it every 50/50 and 60/40 nic juice salt 20 to 25 mg of nicotine. With this the way now I’ll explain why I say I’m in the beta source. In fact, I am the third installment. The first beta that provide feedback coil is bad and floods like crazy and do not last more than a filling and juice just spit like crazy in the mouth. They had many comments from others and therefore the coil V2 update SENT, but I got the same results. Then they say they will adjust the force to help the flood and send my devices with high output V3 max. However, even with the same problems that report and I thank you. He was there for a month and just did not hear and see published today as the stock in many places that have a last and what they spend and do not change over time to write my opinion any a bad coil, unless you want to drink its juice lol.

colors (total 10)
2 ml capacity standards
good quality battery
good skin
right size for easy transport
a good note for the battery size
the cost is quite fast (about 1 hour 35 min)
pods are easy to remove and install the coil
the platform can be reused (only coil replacement)
easy to fill
It is easy to see the LED indicator Battery Life
good battery
equipped with two coils
adjustable output
colored pods
bad roll
Unranked level of costs
battery indicator should be spaced and may step 4
No gateway vaping

lost vape orion click in essentially loses its vaporizer version make a north / 2 hybrid wind and while the thought process was good, unfortunately, missed making the two systems that the two coils. We hope they can improve their reel to another. I will not add to my CER associated spreadsheet then you can check if you are in the market for anything.


You can buy here:lost vape orion

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