Experience of Vaporesso XTRA AIO Pod Kit 900mAh 2ml

I’ve get Vaporesso XTRA AIO Pod Kit 900mAh 2ml for a couple of weeks now which i’m thoroughly impressed by just how well this pod works. The new Vaporesso Xtra follows the drop by pod approach to its design, with easy to swap magnetic base pod cartridges, but that’s where the pod device similarities end. a singular shape, fantastic flavor production, unprecedented material, and durable 900mAh battery make the Xtra my top pick because the only pod device of the year so far!
So let’s get into it already, I’m sure you’re wanting to hear why the Xtra is such a fantastic pod device!
The Vaporesso Xtra brings an entire New Look to the pod device world, from its asymmetrical rounded edges to the unique fabric material, I can’t say enough goodies about how the Xtra is meant . the primary thing I noticed once I pulled this device out of its box was the woven texture on the non-metallic side of the pod. I can’t consider one vape device out there that utilizes a cloth material as decorative design and I’m loving it. There’s a satisfying textured feel to running your fingers across the surface of the pod, smoothy transitioning from a slick metallic finish to the silk-like fabric panels.
The rounded edge, while slightly funny watching first, makes complete sense once you decide on up the device. It’s designed in such the thanks to contour to the within curve of your fingers while you hold it. It even comes equipped with a sturdy attachment point for lanyards so you’ll wear it around your neck during hiking and vape hands-free if you’d wish to .
One puff off the Vaporesso Xtra had me sold on the coil quality. I’m unsure what cotton they’re using, but whatever it’s that’s within the coils is giving the Xtra crystal clear E-Liquid taste. i attempted a couple of of varied vape juice flavors with this pod, starting from tropical fruit to sweet dessert, and each time i used to be getting almost the precise same flavor as i’d from dripping those flavors onto an RDA. If you’re a flavor chaser looking to exchange your Uwell Caliburn I’d say give the Xtra a try, the flavour production is true on par with the Caliburn/Koko pods. Vaporesso XTRA Replacement Meshed
A long-lasting 900mAh internal battery provides hours of power for all of your vaping needs. Actually, unless you’re vaping 50mg salt nic 24/7, you would like to seek out that the Xtra lasts about 2-3 days in-between recharging.
So as far as pod devices go i feel I’ve made my opinions clear over the last few years. The GeekVape Biden, with its dual coil cartridges, had the sole flavor production out of any pod device at the time. Then came the Caliburn and Koko pod devices from Uwell and suddenly you’ll get almost nearly nearly nearly as good of a flavor profile because the Bident without trading in kidneys to buy for coils. Now with the Xtra, i feel it’s time to feature another device to my better of pods list, this is often often often one among the few vaping devices that I gave full 5/5 marks for once i wont to be doing internal testing. I highly recommend you check the Vaporesso Xtra out when it hits our shelves.

YUHETEC 8-in-1 Vape Coil

The Xtra is pod mod that’s made up of metal, unlike the plastic of the Osmall. The C-frame chrome body features a thick rubberized resin decal that elevates the planning and increases the security of your grip. The decal part could even be slightly cheap though. If you’re a picker like me, you’d possibly want to remain away from the edges of the sticker. Luckily it feels good within the hand and it’s well placed. The Xtra overall could even be a good-looking little pod mod. kind of the colors are often a fingerprint magnet, but the execution is tasteful.
Although the name of the device suggests otherwise, the Xtra is actually shorter than the Osmall, but much heavier. The Osmall is under 25 g and thus the Xtra is 60 g. It only measures 14 mm x 37 mm x 64 mm. I should means there’s an influence button on the lowest of the device. It’s not for firing; it’s just an on/off button turned on via a quick 5-click.
The kit comes with both Unipods, a Meshed 0.8-ohm loose MTL and a 1.2-ohm MTL (at least that’s how its advertised). The mouthpiece is analogous to the Osmall and derivative of the Renova Zero and SMPO, but much smaller. Also, the pods have a satisfying refill plug that cannot be totally removed, unlike the Osmall. The low resistance coil features a red plug and thus the MTL coil features a gray plug. i prefer that clear distinction between the two pods. The resistance is additionally written on the side of the pod opposite the plug.
Under the plug could even be a refill opening measuring about 3.5 mm x 5 mm. I’ve been filling it with pipette droppers and haven’t had a drag , though using high VG requires you to kinda snake the liquid in at an angle. All modern droppers like unicorns work perfectly no matter the viscosity of juice used.
The Unipods are magnetized drop in pods. They’re easy to urge obviate yet held in firmly thanks to a deeper seating and larger diameter magnets. this is often often often often an area I’m happy to figure out Vaporesso improve on. Their previous devices like this had magnets so weak they’d fall out if you said “boo.” I can devour the whole Xtra—all 60 grams of it—by the pod without the magnets failing. Even with fairly vigorous shaking, it stays connected. Of course, there’s limits and it’s not meant to be held like that. Also, there’s slightly of flexibility with the pod within the pod housing. It’s not enough to even be a con on behalf of me though because it only wiggles once you plan to look the hay . When you’re just taking successful or just holding it in between your lips, it doesn’t stationary.
The Xtra has been performing well, though I had hoped for the same performance on the 1.2-ohm coil as I got from the Osmall. I wasn’t sure what the performance might be with the Meshed 0.8-ohm coil, but i wont to make sure the MTL would be my favorite. Okay, so i wont to be wrong.
Meshed 0.8-ohm coil: Warm, clean, and fairly saturated flavor for such slightly device. Even with long drags, the flavour doesn’t get distorted. It wicks well like most mesh coils, but I’d recommend keeping ratios within the 50%-70% VG range. Another aspect that performs well with this coil is that the airflow. It’s a loose MTL that stays in its lane! It’s not slightly a bit like the Mi-Pod which struggles to understand that perfect middle ground of a loose MTL. i feel Vaporesso nailed this draw! i prefer better to recommend keeping nicotine to a max of 12 mg. Even you opt for 6 mg, it can still provides a solid throat hit…which is extremely good thing!
MTL 1.2-ohm coil: Though the specs are the same and thus the coils inside the pod look the same because the Osmall, the performance isn’t the same . And, frankly, I can’t tell a difference between the draw of this and thus the Meshed 0.8-ohm coil. I’d go so far on say that from the few pods that I’ve tried, the 1.2-ohm pod feels looser than the Meshed version. Either way, i feel this MTL is simply too loose especially for a single-strand coil. It wicks best with 50/50 and I’d recommend this with high nic up to 24 mg/mL or salts up to 36 mg/mL. the flavour is decent, but forgettable.
There haven’t been any hiccups with the Xtra pods. No leaking, spitting or flooding, though I haven’t tried to throw every viscosity at these coils like I did with the Osmall. I’d imagine you’d get flooding or gurgling with thin juice within the Meshed pods. Thin juice is fairly rare lately , so that’s not much of a priority . My main issue is that the 1.2-ohm coils struggle to put out notable flavor compared to the Osmall’s equivalent. But what the Xtra lacks in strict MTL vaping, it makes up for it with a flavorful loose MTL with the 0.8-ohm coils.
The Xtra charges through a micro USB port. I would’ve preferred a USB-C. But it’s pass-thru charging and an LED indicator to remain you clear on the status of your battery. Green is full, blue is midway, and red is almost depleted.
I’ve been impressed and fairly satisfied with the Xtra. The battery life is substantial for the power it pushes, the planning is clean, and thus the mesh pod satisfies. albeit i wont to be more interested in the MTL coils, because it seems , the Meshed coil was the star of the kit on behalf of me . I’m comfortable in recommending this device to anyone that prefers a loose MTL. albeit you don’t usually use pod devices, this could be a solid copy .

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