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Gracing our pages today is one more pod-style gadget from the prolific vape business, Smok. The Smok Nord, created as a spiritual successor to the Smok Novo, an additional pod-style device. This time around though, the Smok Nord forgoes the draw triggered firing mechanism as well as instead chooses an extra hands-on method to vaping for those that could like a little a lot more straight control over the activation of the device. The spec sheet likewise promises some big enhancements over the previous Novo, such as enhanced battery capability as well as compatibility with several coil types that enable sub-ohm vaping despite the little form factor of the package.

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Evaluation: Smok Nord
Smok Nord Testimonial
Smok Nord front display screen
Manufacturing High quality
Comparing both tools side-by-side, the Smok Nord and also the Smok Novo definitely share a whole lot in common which needs to be no surprise as Smok themselves have actually specified that the Nord is directly influenced from the Novo.

There are little distinctions, however, in between the two that eventually make the Smok Nord feel like a far more sleek and also exceptional gadget to the Novo, the first of which remains in regards to honeycomb pattern covering the front and also back part of both tools.

smok nord color

The pattern on the older Nord looks unequal as well as unfinished, offering it a virtually hand-drawn appearance. The surface on the Smok Nord, nevertheless, is a whole lot much more consistent making it a whole lot more cosmetically attractive than its predecessor.

The Smok Nord likewise includes a much-improved home window developed for watching the staying e-liquid levels. Contrasted to the Smok Novo which practically had a non-existent home window making it tough to see if the vessel required a refill.

Regardless, you won’t be doing numerous refills with the Smok Nord thanks to its 3ml e-liquid capacity which by pod-style requirements is practically ominous and ought to easily last 1-2 days relying on your vaping regularity. People that use 510 cartridges have a tendency to like the Tronian Nutron.

Smok Nord available colors
Comparable to the preferred Aspire Wind 2, the Smok Nord gives up the standard draw-based firing device and rather chooses a much more timeless approach in the form of a singular shooting button.

The button feels receptive enough with a firm tactile feedback whenever pushed as well as it does not feature any shake or rattle when touched which gives us a good feeling regarding its integrity and resilience over time.

Smok Nord mouth item
Flavor Quality
An unusual attribute seen among pod-style gadgets is the Smok Nord’s compatibility with 3 coil kinds. While the actual Smok Nord kit only comes with 2 coils, a 0.6 sub-ohm coil and also a 1.4 ohm traditional MTL coil, ceramic coils are offered for acquisition as well as are ranked at a level 1 ohm which should supply a wonderful in-between in regards to taste, vapor production, as well as air movement.

As for the coils included in the kit, we were more satisfied by the 1.4 ohm MTL coil as this absolutely provided the tried as well as real pod-style experience we’ve concerned anticipate from devices of this form variable. While the 0.6 sub-ohm tried its finest to provide a true Straight Lung experience, in practice the battery just can not appear to provide the called for amps in order to produce a rewarding vaping experience. If you are somebody that additionally utilizes 510 oil cartridges and other vapers have reported Linx Hermes 3 is an excellent place to start.

Smok Nord power controlPower Flexibility
In spite of the ability of the Smok Nord to use multiple coil kinds, regretfully the alternative for variable electrical power still isn’t there. Instead, the tool relies on the resistance of the coil to determine the final vaping result or wattage which caps out at 15 watts.

With this stated, the Smok Nord is ideal vaped with nicotine salt e-liquids as many freebase fluids do not have the pure nicotine hit needed to create an appropriate vape. Still, the Smok Nord does utilize refillable husks which give you a great deal even more freedom when it pertains to selecting tastes as well as your favored nicotine strength.

While the Smok Nord lacks the ability to vape with variable electrical power, it still manages to supply sufficient oomph, specifically when utilized in tandem with pure nicotine salts. Throat hit is bountiful offering you that pleasing sensation similar to that of conventional tobacco cigarettes which is a lot more obvious when using the included MTL coil.Smok Nord level display screen
Smok Nord in handEase of Use
The Smok Nord works much like any other button activated pod-style gadget, which is one more means of saying it’s incredibly easy to use, even for novice vapers. 5 clicks on the power switch turn the device off, 5 clicks to turn it off. Hold the power button as well as inhale from the drip tip to vape. Basic as that.

The gadget includes an RGB LED sign which functions as a good guide to assess the status of the battery. The LED flashes eco-friendly when the battery is above 70% charge, yellow when above 30%, and red when listed below 30%.

Establishing the gadget is no daunting task either, just charge it up by means of the incorporated micro USB port and also the consisted of charging cable up until the LED quits flashing.

Unlike various other pod-style devices which make use a disposable all-in-one pod/coil system, the Smok Nord allows you change simply the coil maintaining the hull which should be a huge plus for those concerned about the waste produced by continually utilizing as well as discarding shucks (a problem currently experienced by veteran favored Juul).

Smok Nord with armor instance
When it comes to total measurements and also weight, the Smok Nord is rather first-class, weighing in at a mere 80 grams as well as distributing to 94mm * 30mm * 18.8 mm.

While not as little smaller devices such as the Juul, the Smok Nord does exceed smaller sized gadgets in terms of battery life with its remarkable 1100mAh battery which is incorporated into the chassis.

Not just does the refillable husks of the Smok Nord save you money in the future, but they’re likewise a terrific way to lower plastic waste created by the appeal of non-refillable (hence, non reusable) shucks.

Smok Nord mouth piece detached
Smok Nord full package
Total Experience
Similar to many items produced by Smok, the Nord certainly has that touch of style that lots of devices lack. It’s most definitely a solid performer theoretically and in practice. While various other devices such as the Aspire Breeze or its successor the Breeze 2 do likewise, some may argue they do not have the feeling of design and also improvement that the Smok Nord brings to the playing field.

Much like with any other Smok gadget however, quality assurance is an issue. And also while our test unit done admirably, there’s a possibility that a great variety of systems around could not have the very same quality or dependability as the one we reviewed today.

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