IJOY Mystique Mesh Tank 3ml 0.15ohm My Experience

Been using the Mystique disposable tank quite lot for the past 10 days approximately it’s time to jot my thoughts.
Firstly, big regard to this affordable good flavour no fuss tank. It saved me at VapeCon. i wont to be burning the midnight oil working on VapeCon prep and literally didn’t have an hour or two to spare to pitstop my fleet I intended taking with me to VapeCon.
The iJoy Mystique came to the rescue. I got a 3 pack and it had been in daily use a few of days before VapeCon, during the event and for the week after. Had it on my Minikin V2. I did rewick one or two of my “flavour attires” during VapeCon evenings but used the Mystique quite the others.

It’s a superb device because there is no fuss and you simply replace it when the coil inside isn’t giving the right flavour. My first one worked kind of a charm for a few of days then i feel I burnt it out while my minikin continuously fired in my laptop bag side flap. Not a fault of the atty, it’s the minkin’s large fire button and me not locking it. that basically happened at VapeCon. Not a haul , I changed it during a moment and refilled a replacement one.

Second tank has been going very nicely since. Am only vaping Prime Vape PomCool in it. It’s a juice i do know well and a superb juice on behalf of me . Fruity raspberry quite taste with slightly of cooling. Not icy. Am vaping the 6mg version. 70% VG. It’s not too hard on coils and wicks so i feel it suits this tank well. REEVAPE AS272FS Resin

So here are my positive points
Good flavour, i’m quite surprised actually. Its about 70-80% nearly nearly as good as a well acknowledged Dvarw or Skyline (for me). I even have only tried one juice so this observation only applies to this juice but am very pleased with the flavour from this atty
Consistent flavour and it wicks well. tons of vapour. Performs well from the first drag and you will take long puffs (5-6 seconds) with none signs of a dry hit
Adjustable airflow – I even have adjusted the slot to below half its full width. About 3mm i’d say. Restricted lung hit, but still quite enough airflow.
Airflow slot holds its position – it’s not loose, it keeps its position nicely.
Comfy drip tip – it’s not the only butit’s comfy and works well for this tank. Doesn’t get too hot. which i really like it that it’s not too short. You can’t replace the drip tip. It’s one piece with the tank.
40 watts seems to be about the right power on behalf of me for this juice and airflow setting. It can go more but i prefer it here. Good battery life at now too. My tanks had a resistance of 0.15 ohms.
Easy to fill – just remove the rubber grommet along side your fingernail, fill and put it back. the first time took slightly of trial and error to urge it out but once you’ve done it a few of times it’s very easy
Easy to determine juice level – i’m using the clear tank
No leaks – this is often often important. The device was in my bag at VapeCon and wasn’t always upright. No leaks whatsoever. many thanks iJoy!
Longevity – slightly harder on behalf of me to debate properly but my current tank has exhausted quite 15 tankful, so about 40-45ml of juice and it’s going strong. No flavour degradation that I can notice,
Price – it’s well priced. Around R150 for 3 atties. So about R50 each. That’s good value considering I even have paid around R50 or even more for commercial coils before. this is often often an entire device. For the vape and thus the longevity i feel it’s excellent value.  Replacement Pod Cartridge for OCO VITO / JUUL Starter Kit

So what are the negatives?
Not much really, but let me nitpick
The flavour definitely improves after a few of tankfuls – I assume it takes time for the coil to settle. the first tankful or two aren’t nearly nearly as good as after it settles. Nothing wrong, just not full and rich within the start .
Some may find removing the rubber grommet slightly fiddly. I lost one and thankfully they supply you extra onesin the three pack package. I then found it subsequent night. Lol.
Airflow control not that intuitive to manage . You don’t know whether you would like to grip the lowest or the tank itself, but it’s easy to use after you’ve done it.
Perhaps the only major negative on behalf of me is that the speed at which this tank consumes juice. It’s a guzzler. Probably possesses to try to to with why the flavour is nice . they say it’s 3ml capacity. But that 3ml goes during a flash. you’ll easily find yourself refilling this a few of times every day if you’re using it exclusively. I wish the capacity was more, say 5ml. Then it’d be perfect. While it’s easy to fill, it’s still slightly bit of a schlepp beginning the grommet and filling every so often. only for instance now , I refilled it this morning and have taken a few of toots thereon here and there. It’s already at about half full!!

Overall, this is often often a mighty splendid tank which i can see myself using it more often. Especially once i’m too lazy to pitstop the ‘flavour fleet’ or need to go somewhere during a rush and just want to grab n go.

Will it replace my Dvarw, Skyline and other flavour rebuildables? No way. But it’ll earn a solid place in my vape rotation, that’s needless to mention . I just wonder how long this might be produced for? Someone told me they’re quite hard to urge now. Would be a pity if it were to be discontinued.
And here’s the rubber grommet on top. it is a slot part and another little hole which allows air to exit once you filling. Simple and clever.
And I’d wish to feature something. The clear tanks (such as yours) are the only , together can see what proportion juice is left – or should I say, how little juice is left! The black tanks are the worst, because in dim lighting one can’t see the juice level.
However, one does wish to matchy-matchy, so if a black tank is required i’d choose the Tesla ONE disposable. it’s the same specs because the Mystique but it’s easier to determine the juice level. I’ve used the same juice in both the Mystique and Tesla so on match flavour and there is no difference within the least .