Review Ehpro Cold Steel 100 Using Experience

Cold steel 100 is essentially a tube mod, but with rectangular blocks protruding from the sides. I think this is where fleas and all electronics. Ambitionz vaper written directly on top of the rectangular housing part, forgetting that it has been designed. This construction is different from the second tube or mod mod box and not a mixture of both. I admit that the thought first it seems a bit odd, but the design was more in me.

to keep one of the main reasons is because it is very easy. Just hand it is convenient and not comfortable in the least. Furthermore, if the trigger for index finger or thumb for the purpose of the press in an ideal position. Cold Steel 200

It consists of a combination of zinc alloy, brass and stainless steel, so it is a bit on the side hard. 178grams weight without the battery, but the weight does not really bother me; MOD feel much stronger and indestructible. I did not fall, but I think perhaps survival is fine if I do.

Given its size, it is a little shorter and thinner than average eJuice and 60ml bottles. I think it’s mod perfect size for a single battery case … Or mod Tube … Anyway, it was a good size!

So I never tested the product Ehpro my first experience with excellent build quality and happiness. This table is well maintained and comfort feels well built and solid. Even the “COLD STEEL” is made on the basis of the MOD clear and precise printing.

Plate 510 in tank 25 mm without extension folder, so it is large enough to accommodate most atomizer. tank 26mm slightly in spite of the position.

There are only three buttons on cold steel 100 and the change to the gap of the tube in a rectangular cross section. One of them is the fire button and the other two are for the setting. Button Wiggle bunting, but strong enough to dial a number. But they are very sensitive and works without problems.

I could not get a spot size OLED screens is collected, but it was small. Is it a black and white display for easy but amazingly bright and clear OLED. It has the basic information such as vaping mode, temperature / current, the battery, the resistance and voltage.

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