Review with IJOY Captain Kit Mercury Vape JUPITER Shogun Diamond coils

Here vapeciga IJOY Captain Kit, the first impression, it looks very futuristic … because it is defined in the voice command AI first of its kind in the world vaping, and believe me it works well. What do you like? We will see. But overall it is set to be one of the highlights of all the technology and the younger generation of steam.

out of the box

So … IJOY and AI is available in 8 different colors to meet market needs and contrasting colors of bright, I love.

As I have already received a number of EU me, I do not get the batteries said that the battery can not be delivered and will not be allowed through customs. Well, better safe than sorry. However, the kit includes adapters filled rubber blue 18650

This package includes polished Avenger tank under Ohm new world of air flowing in the cloud, flavor and construction. I fell in love IJOY well here. With tank coil pre-installed, a new trend on the market knit cotton and wood pulp. They were good, and the idea is that the steam cotton evenly and provide a more consistent success. Yes, they did, and they were so good and full of flavor. coil 0.15ohm enough good to say and rinsed. It has a wide range of 40-90W. I use a 50w tank better because I found in the throat and taste. Everyone is different. Also included is an X3-C1s coil, which is more worthy than I like, especially with some 0.35ohm 40-80W, I return to 50W.

1 replacement crystal clear, however, IJOY Mercury Vape show new is a glass bubble that is becoming increasingly available for each game today. Tool kit, USB cable, manual and warranty card

To build

I will not lie, it really is the constructed model and demonstrates the high quality at an affordable price. The Mod is very heavy and it seems short drag and jeans when placed in the pocket so ideally, I recommend keeping hold of it. The color screen is a decent size and does not fade in the light completely. Therefore, it is a good choice for sunny days vaping. The buttons above and also host another mood light down took me back more than a gimmick at all. However, they are bright and do not together mod. solid shot button and not play all managed to fire mod is very close to the bottom for a good cry.

mod adapter and battery are rubber are my options for adapters as they can be more uncomfortable. I wismec have this right with the plastic.

However, on the record, with excellent battery slipping and do not play at all IJOY. I decided to use the 18650s, only to feel the adapter if it is a good choice. And yes, a high or mAh battery, with a good brand, you should be fine and obtain optimum power output. However, the use of batteries 20700 is recommended, which makes it last longer. I will buy if you are not well 3500mAh EFest.

IJOY well done, they made the first mod voice command AI is good, yes, it works fine, as long as the actual command is known, I use it? Of course not, this is not something I and, above all, I must say that the way it works is in great shape and they managed to do what it was. I went through different commands just to say you have to go.

Starts saying “Hello IJOY” then follow with the control (13 in total), for example, romantic lighting, the light fading little by little between different catchy colors!

deposit revenge … OMG, brightness enjoyed ohms deposition. Would I buy one … yes, and the main reason is that the coil mesh movement now produce rolls of mesh.

This network of the first coil and I was impressed. Now where do I start with them? Therefore, IJOY JUPITER click in coil in the tank where the shape of the tip of a ball so cold eyes. high air volume, and is a constant success, I received a report that the tank whistling from time to time.

I have nothing to do with the show again and again encouraging signs of a strong vaporizer. SS end so not as hot as uniform coil hot grill, so even provide steam. mm tank 25 and will certainly fill the superior design and control of air flow to the bottom side.

the screen is a decent size and very obvious to the eye. Some people have become aware that the subject can not be changed, I’m afraid you can not. However, the image of the concept car that looks fresh and not in accordance with the design of a more mod. At some point, I’m sure the firmware update that enables the configuration. If there IJOY recommend letting the user change it.

There is an option to change the default hot; Manual, natural, soft and hard. manual mode can be changed in accordance with the wishes of the first 3 seconds of heating. temperature control mode is as follows; SS, Ni, Ti, and memory mode two TCR but also. If it was not because I was driven by strength anyway.

mod itself centering pin 510 again this location is a plus for me and helped make the display MOD must be isolated some places. a model that can handle anything the tank 30 mm and guess what he did was not wrong.

I went to the evil juice and juice thick juice Joes’ll within three kinds of juice but why bother me know what I want with this tank and still a blast.

I tried again TC does not support the need for rules as closure and re-supply. Not a problem for me, as I prefer the power mode is simpler and easier to use. So stick with it …

In a two week period, I just used IJOY Shogun Kit get code mesh and work together as it was when I used. The ignition coil quickly, and I could not how quickly could use it. I could not put this in the first test because I was so overwhelmed by what happens outside this little gem that I can not get my head around all …

Anyway, escape … no wonder vapor too literally every part and let it run through again.

I have no problem with the kit. All the above in relation to the TC mode, I do not like much. I managed to get control of AI and grew on me, but I use it? No … I do not need’m not, but I do not see why they do it. It brings a lot of attention for the mod. However, it really is not necessary, as it was very nice.

In the final review

I decided not to give full by the end of the month for these products because they could not give more information. On the way to do it. All I can say is good cone IJOY for voice control in the first mod. Jammy you …


large air flow
constant taste
Colour selection
no leak
great cloud
-High quality finish
It is beautiful with little resistance to the complete configuration of the airflow
X3 networks
large fire button
high quality construction
Under strong near the door
Options to use the 18650 or 20700


I do not understand the voice control – everyone for themselves – but it works and works well …
Coached by the market
Not all of the CV mode


Would I buy one if lost or damaged … maybe not and has nothing to do with the IJOY Diamond coils click in once trick is not my control as a whole and I see no point in buying. If the VC is not connected to it, yes, because I think the battery will last longer. As for the battery, which lasts 8 hours of constant use.

Buy a tank, I like and I like the way it is built with a solid high I can not Faultier little. So if you need a new tank that looks and works well go get it.

So for me, I give it 4.5 out of 5 babies … Congratulations and good luck in your next business, I’m sure, at some point it will lead to something more attractive on the market. Where are you now?


You can buy here: IJOY

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