What’s the Difference In Between Smok Nord X and Smok Nord 2?

What’s the Difference In Between Smok Nord X and Smok Nord 2?

It’s been practically 9 months since the previous Smok Nord 2 Package was launched by the end of 2019( Or January 2020) as well as I can see that there’s a lot of individuals paid their wonderful interest to that item because of its evaluation – Smok Nord 2 Package Evaluation – I have actually released by then has actually gained a remarkable amount of analysis. If you come to this evaluation unintentionally, you’re rather lucky due to the fact that you get one more fantastic device to change to – Smok Nord X Kit.

smok nord black x kit

Certainly, when you have two options, you need to think twice about the cost point distinctions as well as comprehensive performance differences between them to determine which one is a lot more worthwhile! A number of days ago, I have actually examined the brand-new Smok Novo X Set and released its review already. To be sincere, it’s tough for me to recommend it to you since I can hardly find any kind of wonderful specs or value upgrades by contrasting to the previous Smok Novo 2 Set and also I can not persuade you to visit buy it. However, I need to advise you to think about going with this Smok Nord X Package due to the fact that I have actually discovered something different which is also worth taking a comprehensive appearance! Now, let’s jump into it!

I will certainly put a comprehensive comparison between the two Nords – Nord X as well as Nord 2. You can directly scroll down if you want to the differences between them.

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Initial Ideas.

Smok Nord x package.

Contrasting to the last two Nords( Nord and Nord 2), the profile layout of this new Smok Nord X Package has actually been changed a lot that appears like the Smok RPM collection which has an alloy steel framework as well as colorful material pattern panels. But it still reminds you of the previous Nord devices intensely because of its iconic giant mouthpiece on the leading and the invariant ignition switch on the front face. As for as it goes, I assume it’s one of the most gorgeous Nord gadgets.

On the other hand, this Smok Nord X Package has been put together much more solidly that takes on a rubber strap covered on both sides and also an all-time low. So, it has a wonderful capacity for combating water, dust, and shock from unexpected drops. I would certainly such as to place in one more word below, Is it necessary for vape gadgets to feature this multitude of resistance capabilities? Unless you want to maintain vaping when you’re swimming, otherwise, I can not find any type of application situations that make those capacities function. Also, the vape tool you’re using currently doesn’t have those capacities, it’s still strong enough to deal with these issues. What’s paradoxical is the rubber strap on this Smok Nord X Kit is an actual dust magnet and also it could be cleaner without the rubber.

Battery Mod.

Smok Nord x kit.

Smok Nord x set.

Go on with what discussed above, the Smok Nord X Kit is the strongest as well as one of the most attractive Nord device so far! And it’s the most effective Nord device. The very first generation Nord gadget is a 15w case system package and Nord 2 can supply a 40w power outcome. And Also the Nord X remains in a placement to give a 60w effective efficiency. Honestly, It’s hard to define which category the Smok Nord X Package comes from since its result variety is far from the requirements of shell vapes, yet its little dimension informs you it is a type of a routine shuck system. Anyhow, the sheathing vape market is different from what it made use of to be and we’re practically made use of it!

The fun fact is that the battery capacity of this Smok Nord X Kit is 1500mAh which remains the same as the previous Nord 2 Kit. If a 1500mAh battery is capable of handling with 60w output, why didn’t Smok make it the same to Nord 2 Kit? And the answer may be a little realistic, they’ve made a new coil!!!

Leave aside the battery and output, the Smok Nord X Kit has a ‘new’ screen display and two adjustment buttons.

Pod Cartridge & Coils.

Smok Nord x set.

As always, there’re 2 pod cartridges and also 2 coils consisted of in the packaging. The RPM covering cartridge is compatible with all RPM coils which can let you freely switch over to this tool with the RPM coils you have actually bought. As well as the RPM 2 sheath cartridge can only accept RPM 2 mesh coil.

And the new RPM 2 coil has a much lower 0.16-ohm resistance and a much larger heating area to withstand much higher power like 50w. In addition, the current RPM coils are not able to offer great enough flavor so far. And Smok did this for us!

The BIG Improvements.

Here is the biggest improvement that exists on the Smok Nord X Kit. Comparing to the previous Nord 2 and the new Smok RPM 2 Kit, you can hardly find there’s resistance that exists when you inhale. Without any exaggeration, it’s my favorite Smok vape this year!

It’s glad to see Smok do so! Do you remember the Smok Scar P3 and Smok Scar P5 which were released a few months ago? The Smok Scar P3 Kit is a built-in battery device and has a USB-C port, and the Smok Scar P5 Kit is powered by an external 18650 battery and has a micro USB port!

The Verdict.

Smok Nord x package.

Smok has brought the juice window back to the Smok Nord X Kit in another way! I can’t tell why Smok did this, but the actual circumstance is the pod is in an impressively tight place and it’s harder to lose it!

The entire enhancements on the Smok Nord X Set ought to be the new RPM2 coil and also the new air movement layout. Take advantage of this new airflow format, this package sends entirely various vaping experience from any other RPM tools. I have actually been using this Nord X Package for virtually one week as well as keep running the RPM 2 coil at 50w, the flavor and entire steam efficiency truly impress me a great deal! The air movement simply goes incredibly smooth as well as the taste is certainly excellent which I’m rather satisfied with! I have to confess these two characteristics take the Smok Nord X Set to a greater place. Honestly, comparing to the Novo X Kit, there’re some changes and enhancements that Smok has made without a doubt to ideal the Nord X Kit. Even it’s called Smok Nord X Set, it really feels totally different from various other Nord devices. Technically, it’s a conventional ‘Case Mod Package’.

You must want to know the differences between the new Nord X and the previous Nord 2. Currently, let’s do it!

What’s the Difference In Between Smok Nord X and Smok Nord 2?

smok nord x VS smok nord 2.

smok nord x VS smok nord 2.

Measurement Difference:

Of all, the Smok Nord X Kit is the biggest one in this series and adopts a dissimilar profiled design. There’s one thing I still don’t get is that its battery capacity remains the same as the Nord 2 Kit( 1500mAh), but it’s much bigger than the former in three dimensions.

Efficiency Difference:.

smok nord x VS smok nord 2.

Even they share the very same battery kind, they have various power configurations. The Smok Nord 2 Package is a 40w sheathing system set. And the Smok Nord X Set is able to offer an optimal result of 60w. The actual operations also have been changed a bit! On the Nord 2, the electrical power figure can be adjusted through a solitary one switch on the front face, three presses to activate the modification function as well as the number will begin to blink, after that, you have to push the switch one by one or long-press to switch it up by one direction from 1w to 40w. If you have missed the best number, you require to readjust again! On the contrary, Smok Nord X Set is outfitted with standard change switches that simply the redundant operations like a regular box mod gadget.

The screen display on the Smok Nord X Kit is much brighter than Smok Nord 2 Kit that you can easily differentiate from the picture above. The X version has a USB-C port! There’s still one thing that puzzles me a lot is the charging configuration on Nord 2 kit is 5V/2A( Max), the Nord X Kit is 5V/1.2 A( Max).

One of the most substantial distinctions between them is the airflow design which I’ve been talking about in this entire testimonial. Due to different formats between the coil as well as ports, the real airflow shipment is transparently distinctive. In one word, the Smok Nord X Set has a far better airflow setup.

Hull & Coil Difference:

As a result of different airflow designs, the pod cartridges on these 2 kits are also different fit and ability! The previous Nord 2 has an ability of 4.5 ml as well as the Nord X Kit can house 6.0 ml of e-liquid.

Based upon a different date of birth, these two sets are compatible with various substitute coils! The previous Nord 2 has two sheath cartridges that can make use of Nord coils and RPM coils which provide a lot of options in taste shipment. On the other hand, the Smok Nord X Set likewise has 2 case cartridges that work with RPM coils as well as RPM 2 coils respectively. However, there’s one imperfection is there’s only one RPM 2 coil is available currently! But it’ll be a lot more in the future!

That’s all I want to share with you! It’s a pretty extensive short article as well as I hope it will not birth you whatsoever. Hope you find it valuable!

Many thanks for Checking out!!!

Diameter: 100mm x 31mm x 23mm.
Capacity: 6ml.
Battery Capacity: 1500mAh built-in.
Output Wattage: 5W-60W.
Resistance Variety: 0.2ohm-3.0 ohm.
Billing Port: USB-C Port.
Outcome Voltage: 0.5-4V.
Coils: RPM 2 Mesh 0.16 ohm Coil/ RPM Mesh 0.4 ohm Coil.

Plan Includes:
Nord X Gadget * 1.
RPM 2 Covering (RPM 2 Mesh 0.16 ohm Coil Preinstalled) (6ml) * 1.
RPM Husk (RPM Mesh 0.4 ohm Coil Preinstalled) (6ml) * 1.
USB-C Cord * 1.
User Hands-on * 1.

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It’s been almost 9 months since the previous Smok Nord 2 Kit was released by the end of 2019( Or January 2020) and I can see that there’s a lot of people paid great attention to that product because of its review – Smok Nord 2 Kit Review – I’ve published by then has gained a tremendous amount of reading. Comparing to the last two Nords( Nord and Nord 2), the profile design of this new Smok Nord X Kit has been changed a lot that looks like the Smok RPM series which has an alloy metal frame and colorful resin pattern panels. The fun fact is that the battery capacity of this Smok Nord X Kit is 1500mAh which remains the same as the previous Nord 2 Kit. Even it’s called Smok Nord X Kit, it feels totally different from other Nord devices. The screen display on the Smok Nord X Kit is much brighter than Smok Nord 2 Kit that you can easily differentiate from the picture above.


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