Comment for Lost Vape Orion Pod Kit Tech

Vapeciga lost vape orion loss Lyra Quest is the latest popular manufacturer of the kit vaporiser vaporizer lost. They are the most popular mods for DNA as Therion, triads, and the paranormal, but lately has been the trend and backs focus on pod kit with Orion and now this. Orion uses DNA chips ranging, but as Orion Q after he used a chip of their seats.Manufacturer Specifications:
Dimensions – 96.3mm by 30.8mm by 15.8mm
integrated battery 1000mAh
Maximum power: 20W
3 power level
single button
threaded mounting point cord optional
The side air flow slots
LED battery indicator appeal
Log pod complementation
2 ml capacity Pod
Top Content System – Dual Port
leather cover coil funnel and fill port
Spray Lira series Missing Reel
Mesh 0.6ohm coil
MTL 1.2ohm coil
coil nipple
Short Circuit Protection
Low Battery Protection
the temperature protection
Protecting low resistance
robust protection
microUSB port
Highlights Reel
Mesh 0.6ohm coil
1.2ohm coil Kanthal MTL
Included in the box:
A battery Lyra
1 Lyra Pod
Coil 1 0.6ohm Mesh
Coil 1 1.2ohm MTL
Kit Summary
Lyra is oval style AIO (all in one) pod kit, which means that no change or a separate tank which may be used with other things. It has a replaceable pods for their parts, but sold separately and the coils are replaced and can reuse the basket as Breeze 2 or the North.

Intelligent design is very similar to that of the lost vape orion show new. It was a good size after all. There is no option adjustable air is fine for most of the pods have but it is always an advantage when they do. It has a standard capacity of 2 ml. 1000mAh stored in the battery and output devices is not adjustable. It has built a USB charger, but could not find the level of those rates.It is very well built, and a little on the heavy side. I’m sure later, the cat explained wise, but all the skin and before a frame to frame and bow black iris. Both they have a glossy finish on the frame and looks very well and no signs of wear and skin both look and feel good. Pods attached to the battery via the system with one click and well they fit well with any movement or play. To remove the sheath removed simply. To replace the coil simply unscrew the top of the nacelle. Has to remove the funnel sheath 1 is fixed in the body of the vessel. Then the winding head has a good chunk of metal thumbscrew handle and also easy to unscrew the basket. fill pretty basic. You must remove the rubber funnel again for two plugs one at each side confronts. I would like to open a second in the air has an output and is easy and quick to complete. No problem.

The usage is lost vape orion get code. It has a button that is the shutter button. Click Fire 5 times to turn on or off. You can press the shutter button to also see the power of the battery. Battery LED around the shutter button and green (100% -65%), blue (65% -15%), Red (<= 15%). I wish it was a little better spaced well. It also has an adjustable output. Click to shoot 3 times to go to another mod and LED indicates the mode. According to the manual output (coil 0.6 / 1.2) in green watts (20.11) Blue (18/10) Red (9.16) is very low, medium and high. fully exposed sheath was good, but it was quite dark.

Quest lost Spray Kit Pod Lyra comes with one, but two large coils. All kits should always include two coils / pods. There are two options for this coil and kit each comprising a DTL MTL coil 1.2 and coil mesh ohms 0.6 ohms. I use it every 50/50 and 60/40 nic juice salt 20 to 25 mg of nicotine. With this the way now I’ll explain why I say I’m in the beta source. In fact, I am the third installment. The first beta that provide feedback coil is bad and floods like crazy and do not last more than a filling and juice just spit like crazy in the mouth. They had many comments from others and therefore the coil V2 update SENT, but I got the same results. Then they say they will adjust the force to help the flood and send my devices with high output V3 max. However, even with the same problems that report and I thank you. He was there for a month and just did not hear and see published today as the stock in many places that have a last and what they spend and do not change over time to write my opinion any a bad coil, unless you want to drink its juice lol.

colors (total 10)
2 ml capacity standards
good quality battery
good skin
right size for easy transport
a good note for the battery size
the cost is quite fast (about 1 hour 35 min)
pods are easy to remove and install the coil
the platform can be reused (only coil replacement)
easy to fill
It is easy to see the LED indicator Battery Life
good battery
equipped with two coils
adjustable output
colored pods
bad roll
Unranked level of costs
battery indicator should be spaced and may step 4
No gateway vaping

lost vape orion click in essentially loses its vaporizer version make a north / 2 hybrid wind and while the thought process was good, unfortunately, missed making the two systems that the two coils. We hope they can improve their reel to another. I will not add to my CER associated spreadsheet then you can check if you are in the market for anything.


You can buy here:lost vape orion

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VooPoo Vinci Review: Pod Starter Kit 1500mAh battery capacity

Vapeciga voopoo vinci certainly one of the most impressive and innovative devices in 2019, but Chinese manufacturers seem to want to end this year with a bang, releasing a new version of aerosol months right after the initial startup. Vinci called X, version 2.0 has some changes that can attract vapers serious, including energy and an external battery. Let’s see if VooPoo X value Vinci buy more original, though:


summary view

With respect to packaging, the new X VooPoo Vinci Vinci aerosol almost identical to the original. It comes in a cardboard box rectangular with an image of the device as well as some of the icons of the main characteristics of the front, and a table of contents, the usual warnings and scratch and verification ‘authenticity label in part later.


In the picture, we have X freezer Vinci, two coils of different heads, micro-USB cable to charge and manual. It is essentially the same kit VooPoo Vinci.


Design and build quality

As for the design and quality of materials, the new Vinci X does not differ much from the basket of the source system Vinci. It is essentially the same shape, only the new version is slightly longer and thicker (117 mm x 30 mm x 25 mm), which is justified by the need to take account 18650 Vinci built in 1500 mAh, while version X lets you use eternal battery with a higher capacity. Note that you must purchase the battery separately if, or even turn on.


Another notable difference between the two variants Vinci is a cell door as button at the bottom thereof. All you have to do is download the central command and turn counterclockwise to open the battery compartment. This system is simple and effective, which ensures the battery or not waver, even if you drop the vaporizer.


Apart from a slight increase in the size and door of the battery compartment and Vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 Mini is almost identical to the original Vinci. Have style exact same pea (capacity 5 ml), coils head plug-and-play (also supports Trio S VooPoo), the button layout and the same-color display, decorative panels are identical and the system Control same airflow. They are essentially one and the same device, only the version X is slightly larger and has an external battery.


One thing that impressed me VooPoo Vinci pod system is the quality of construction, and fortunately brought Vinci X too. vaping devices remains very solid feel even Hefner hand thanks to the additional weight of 18,650, and no rattle or wobble under any circumstances.


menu and navigation systems

It does not change much in terms of good features. In addition to Auto attractive aspects VooPoo decided to take the new Vinci X, everything he does sheath still in its original mod foot Vinci.


detection function as resistance occurred in cooperating SMart Vinci. When a new coil is inserted and attaching a coil GENE scan head chip mod sheath and adjust power output to match the resistance. For example, if a coil is used which mesh having a recommended range of 30W – 40W, the camera automatically adjusts the power of 30W. Furthermore, it allows not to increase the power to be 40W, to prevent burning of the coil. It is a good idea, but it also means that you will not be able to take advantage Vinci 70W X is able to output.


I heard rumors RBA is based on the works of Voopoo Vinci Coils show new, which would make sense, since now there is no way to use the device in more than 40W. Unfortunately, lists only four types VooPoo sites coil head Vinci Vinci and X, but there is no basis RBA.


Vaping track your habits during the two-week period can still press the “+” button and – at the same time for a few seconds ”. You can also set the time and date shown on the screen by pressing the shutter button more “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously.


Apart from the exceptions self-draining, which I find very interesting, and increased energy production, which Vinci Vinci X is the same as the original.


The battery performance and life

The main selling point VooPoo Vinci 18650 X is an external battery that is designed to extend battery life. The amount depends on what the battery capacity to be using the device, but probably should have about twice the life of the original battery Vinci, which is pretty impressive.


In terms of performance, I have nothing to report. First VooPoo Vinci is one of the best I’ve had vaping all, and its replacement is just as good. What it is surprising considering the two versions are almost identical. Yes Vinci X has a better battery life and high power, but have no impact on the vaping experience absolutely. One can not VAPE 70W however, so that a maximum output of 40W Vinci is the highest you can go to Vinci X.


Also the head coil, the system air flow switchable 180 degrees and pods of 5 ml are exactly the same, so the vaping experience will be identical as well. This is not a bad thing at all, considering how Vinci, but questioned the need Vinci X. what you really need more power, or battery life more in this case? If the answer is “yes”, you may want to try to give Vinci X. Otherwise, the VOOPOO X217 TC Mod 217W get code of origin is equally good.


This device is very easy to use 5-click on / off and arrows to toggle between the level of watts. An interesting feature is that the Ministry of Defense acknowledgment of the coil and does not allow the vaporizer is greater than the power was destined, no hot coil accident.


One thing that I think is disappointing that the locking device also locks the shutter button is safer, but it would be nice watts lock, but I can vape. This was also the case for the mini Drag think Voopoo.


the build quality is good, the device keeps its shape well in hand and is not too heavy, even inside 18650. I love the design alloy material, zinc are no honeycomb pattern slippery and on the side is beautiful.


Screw the battery cover is easy to open and close, without additional tools, simply rotate and slide.


love scenes, nice and big but not too big. Every little detail in the readability of the screen and right of sharpness, is to my knowledge, there is no option to adjust the screen brightness, but we had no problems reading the display under different circumstances (black face situations light).


Installation and replacement of a single coil with the famous Voopoo Drag 157W click in system, simply plug in and out without screwing or twisting. The capsule itself is a good size loading aperture that can be accessed by pulling the plug on the side, he had no problem with that filtered, remains in place as well. 5.5 ml capacity really great, no need to charge frequently. In my opinion, with short nails so hard to unlock the connector.


4 magnets on a boat is very well connected and powerful with a mod, it is easy to shoot without force, but will not fall alone.


long funnel and a practical way for opening suitable for access Vaper your lungs, some people do not like the kind of funnel and used for the round drip-tips.


The buttons are well placed and respond directly and the device fires faster than light, which are used with smart Voopoo gene, Drag Me Mini has exactly the same rate of fire, and click BOOOOOOOOOOM.


One thing that can sometimes annoy each time you leave the pod mod and it will default to the watt. For example, I have 0.6 ohms at 28 watts, I pull the sheath and restart at 24 watts.


The air flow is adjusted wise, but the options are limited. No ring airflow, but can be rotated 180 degrees sheath for good airflow or airflow tight losers. It can be a trap for some who want to have full control of airflow, but for me the choice of 2 thin air supplied to the coils, which is losing DTL (very loose) and one hit by restrictive blow DTL.


The reel is good and provides a good taste. wrapping the two networks. 0.3ohm is considered vaped between 32-40 watts and 20-28watts coil 0.6ohm. The two coils performed well, but in my experience 0.3ohm not correspond with me, give it a little more flavor, more Vaper and a draw was a little warm. The two coils for DTL and MTL (in my opinion), which can be lovers MTL loose vaporizer Use 0.6ohm coil airflow to the lowest position.


It takes about half a tank, 2.3 ml, because the coil is broken properly.


PnP its other coil Vinci also supports X, so for vapers MTL is not possible to use ceramic coil PnP-C1, but do not know how wise that the airflow will be.


My verdict:


Voopoo do it again, I was surprised in a very positive way, a good job on it Voopoo!


Not much honestly I do not like about Vapeciga Voopoo Pnp Coils, give me a satisfying spray with good flavor. The device is easy to use and is a pro model 18650 battery is large, if not larger. This also means that Voopoo listen to their customers by many who have Vinci, Vinci and R 1500mAh simply not enough.


If I had to mention the inconvenience would be inaccurate facts adjustable air flow and Voopoo released this mod without actual coils can be used in more than 40 watts, but according Voopoo was a matter of time, there will be a higher electrical coils.


This device is intended for those who already have or R Vinci Vinci and just have a larger battery capacity, with my LG Hg2 3000mAh you can vape all day on it. In addition, it is for those who want to enter DTL vaping without a mod, Vinci X is very easy to carry. And, of course, is a value to collectors.



If you have not already done so VooPoo Vinci Vinci new X may be a better option because it is a little more advanced in terms of power and battery, although 70W max output is not compatible with the existing line head coil. However, if, like me, already Vinci original, spend more money on X versions are simply not justified. This gives even vaping experience, and even draw an automatic function.

Personally, I consider redundant VooPoo Vinci X. The original version had stars pod mods enough so far, people were raving about how good it was, so there is no need to push the 2.0 so quickly. Almost it makes it seem like there is something wrong with the new version and must find new ones to solve this problem. Certainly it was not, though.

Anyway, this is all I have to say about Vinci X. This is a great device to have, but many are similar to the original to justify its existence.

The X VooPoo Vinci sent me VooPoo the purposes of this review.

You can buy here:Voopoo X217

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Review with Vaporesso GEN : soft to the touch and is powered by the new Axon chip

The vapeciga renova zero is the latest dual-18650 mod producer Vaporesso popular vaporizer. The device is designed for 220 watts, equipped with a chip that Axon brand new and designed to be light and soft.

Vaporesso have established a tradition in making mods, reliable performance and high, like Target Mini II (review forthcoming), luxury and Polar Pro Armor. Silence has become one of the leading manufacturers of vaping mod for a while. GEN Can the standards set by the previous amendment this Vaporesso? Keep reading to find out.

Vaporesso sent me this burden without mod for the purposes of this review.

Price: $ 65.90 Personal (in Vaporesso)
Color: silver, black, red, faded black, dark blue change

Display: 0.91-inch OLED
Batteries: 2 x 18650 (not included)
Yield: 0.03 5.0 ohm
power range: 5-220 watts

Kit contents
1 x mod GEN
1 x USB cable
1 x Manual
1 x warranty card
First impression

When I came to this mod, I like the design. I know many vapers request mods to return to the simple design without looking like something from science fiction, and provide Vaporesso. mod is basically a rectangle, but still very comfortable in the hand, and the edges are rounded. also has a very soft touch. their website says “soft contact box consists of four coating layers, providing a sensation similar to soft rubber, but feel so sweet” and I must say they were not lying there.

The only thing I do not mind personally return to the 0.91-inch black and white screen. It made her feel a little old for me. I understand that the luxury giant screen can be a bit much, but something like the screen Magma Famovape, wave and Vandy Jackaroo or Geekvape Nova would be good.

quality of construction and design

The vaporesso gen 220w show new are well constructed and designed mod. Although not as small as some of the competition, it is a good size and very light at only 107 grams-roughly the same weight with Vandy vaporizer waves. mod is available in four colors with red and blue background that mixes black. I have a silver looks very elegant and clean, but the “red cast black” is my favorite. The brand is prudent small “Vaporesso” in the middle of one side and the small logo “V” at the bottom center of the other. centering pin 510 can handle large and the atomizer 26 mm without overhang.

the door magnetic plate standard battery. The battery is thin and is easily removed with a belt attached to a plastic tray. The door has a coating on it with a warning not to use a battery with damaged packaging; Well, I did, and I’m always happy to see safety a priority. buttonless toy, the battery cover does not have a play and a powerful magnet. There is also a small notch at the bottom of the mod to help eliminate them.

I want to address some things I saw online this mod. A user reports a problem with loose 510. Stress has been tested and mine was not a problem at all. Appears to be isolated to some initial samples have been broken. Another problem disappears reported at the top of the model, indicating that it is because of the heat. I also tried and heat cause no discoloration. Dig deeper to find the source and (curiously) of e-juice. If you have a tank leaking out of soft material absorbs mod juice and stained. They should have put a clear coat to avoid it, but I could see being such surveillance is not a common thing. ding them for that too.

They list load of 2.5 amps at this mod and while I do not recommend charging the internal changes, I did a test for information. I found the maximum rate of 1.94 amps, so it is a bit exaggerated that not most people loads very fast, and there is a charger that is capable of more than 2 amps anyway. But still, it’s always best to use an external charger

Features and functions

The swag kits click in packed with features and modes that most of your mods. Has a pulse mode, Eco energy, TC intelligent mode DIY can select the standard mode to (normal preheating, hard and soft), Temp Control (SS, Ni200, Ti, and one memory slot) mode voltage, watts Curve mode, bypass mode and the super player mode. In the setup menu, there are also smart and automatic. This model uses a standard TCR system, which is fully adjustable in all modes.

To summarize, GEN is almost there and even more, to the point where it is dominant. It was nice to have a function, but all you need in the menu mode themselves and survive when my staff. I do not know what the point of having a pulse mode and a single player mode for a superpower with a lower minimum resistance.

Using gene Vaporesso
As for the menu goes, it is a typical menu Vaporesso with a special key mode between plus and minus. It is very simple and easy to navigate. Here is a brief explanation:

5 Click the button to switch the fire on and off
3 Click the button to enter the menu mode
Use the up and down arrows to scroll through the menu and receive modes.
Use the shutter button to exit
3 Click the shutter button to lock the adjustment knob (still can be recorded)
TCR and electrical configuration is done after selecting a mode
Navigation is very simple and easy, especially if you have used in the past Vaporesso mod.

power mode performance


The new function Axon Chip genes. his former mods use the Omni chip that is one of the best vaping chips, despite not getting the recognition it deserves, and much better than the gene chip is more popular than target pm80 pod get code. Let’s see if Axon can continue the tradition.

The evidence in this mod made by Sony battery VTC5A. They list the specifications at 220 watts, but there is no limit volts or amps listed anywhere. I hope the third is listed on their website. During my tests, achieving the maximum is 219 watts, so they are very good 220-watt rating. I amplifier gain limit is 44 which is above average for a double mod battery. limit volts .67 ohms coils is 9.257, which is higher than most mods dual battery on the market and showed no circuit switching is an advantage because most of them do not bend mods battery. I’m glad you kept that way Vaporesso, Geekvape, Innokin Aspire and constantly make their chips in recent years.

From the top you can see the relationship more mod in a good connection and not have a problem. Here is a spring pin gold plated 510. With respect to the mod is placed in the center and I think many want. This mod, can use a maximum of 26 mm diameter wonderful atomizers used in aerosol use up to 25 mm diameter.

On one side of the mod, you can see the battery cover. The remains of the battery cover in place because the magnet and the battery cover is held in place perfectly, nothing is playing very well. At the top of the battery, you can view the location and you will use this slot to release the battery cover with your fingernail. If the battery cover is removed, you can see the battery orientation is recorded and can easily put the batteries into the mod and you can almost easy to remove the battery. Under the battery cover, you can see the sculpture “Axon Chip” and “Designed by Vaporesso”. When the battery is inserted and when the device is shaken mod can not hear the tinkling very good.

From the front of the mod, you can see the shutter button and the menu button is also lower and you can see the screen and USB.
In this device, the USB port is used for software updates, but you can also use this device to recharge the battery supports load balancing, but as always, I recommend that you charge your batteries in an external charger.
button fires prominent and dislocation, which were good, knobs and buttons also work well dislocation.

The vaporesso gtx show new gradually adjusts least 0.1 watts and 100 watts is removed completely watts to 100 or more. You can also hold down the button to scroll quickly through a watt. In well together, but I do not see the point in using a 0.1 watt eliminated more than 20 watts.

During my tests, mod did a great job not hot. It is also a model exactly right, as seen in the results of comprehensive tests above. He struggled a bit with an accumulation of 0.1 ohms, but other than that, it’s very good. I am also pleased to see that they are listening and warmth of hard power.

At the click 3 times on the shooting button locks the keys, but you will be able to use the trigger to open the buttons you need to do the same. When you press the menu button and fire, you can see the version of the software, chips and serial number.

How these devices work and my thoughts:

Thus the vaporesso gene comes in several colors very good very good in my opinion. construction quality mod and everything is as it should be, and the rubber coating is scratch resistant. In my opinion mod easy to use, but remember that this mod is slightly higher, rounded edges and I like the feel of a mod.
Button and shoot the other buttons work very well and had no problems. In this mod, you can use a atomizers 26 mm diameter, which is for me more than anything. This connection is increased slightly to the right. Mod small screen and someone like that is still not on the screen, we have all the necessary information and remember that you can adjust the brightness, I can say that you can see everything very well on screen. mod support load balanced, but as always, we recommend charging the batteries in an external charger.
This mod is not complicated to use and supports multiple modes of operation, I personally like how vv work, but perhaps many would like a different way of working here. I also like the choice screen shoes.
Gen mod works great, I use my Sprayers dl Mtl’m here and I want to use the preheat mode vw with normal work and the use of fashion vv far have had no problems.

Therefore, the more vapeciga renova zero vape good mod gene that runs smoothly, the build quality is good, that supports multiple operating modes and in my opinion, the design of good mod.

performance temperature control
Using wireless mode SS316L SS with all TCR 92, I tested four construction.

round only a single coil
dual single-coil tower
Luxury building two single coil wire
A double-coil luxurious building wire
Gen has a ceiling of TC 220W available. I can get hot spray around the range of 420 F, which attract a lot of attention 30M because you can adjust the flavor with plenty of play space. Current and yank strangle good protection. I get every time and constant power vape to adjust the height. He had no trouble eating large accumulations good. In general, and I have come to expect from Vaporesso, it is a very good player in the CV mode.

pros and cons
Great build quality (stains on the outside)
soft colors are beautiful
Red with black muted colors look great
atomizers handle 26mm without false
easy to open the battery cover and the tape helps remove the battery
very light
Watt accurately assess
good energy mode
Watt voltage mode and curve provided
High Limit Ampere
TC good performance
repair circuit
Well, he designed and easy to use menu system
an affordable price
Nearly load of 2 amps
The screen is small and black and white
Mod susceptible to staining with juice
There are no ads amps and volts at the site boundary or


Vapeciga vaporesso luxe 220w did a great job with this mod chips Axon lived and the legacy of the Omni. good performance and a ton of good mod, simple and classy looking manner is obtained. It’s hard to complain about it. But I would have liked a larger screen with multiple colors and color juice can be a problem if a large amount of leakage is obtained. Actually, I do not care, but it could be a deal breaker for some.

If you are in the market clean, accurate models, regardless of the color, Vaporesso GEN is a great player and is definitely worth considering it. Let me know what you think in the comments and thank you for reading!

You can buy here:vaporesso tank

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Review with IJOY Captain Kit Mercury Vape JUPITER Shogun Diamond coils

Here vapeciga IJOY Captain Kit, the first impression, it looks very futuristic … because it is defined in the voice command AI first of its kind in the world vaping, and believe me it works well. What do you like? We will see. But overall it is set to be one of the highlights of all the technology and the younger generation of steam.

out of the box

So … IJOY and AI is available in 8 different colors to meet market needs and contrasting colors of bright, I love.

As I have already received a number of EU me, I do not get the batteries said that the battery can not be delivered and will not be allowed through customs. Well, better safe than sorry. However, the kit includes adapters filled rubber blue 18650

This package includes polished Avenger tank under Ohm new world of air flowing in the cloud, flavor and construction. I fell in love IJOY well here. With tank coil pre-installed, a new trend on the market knit cotton and wood pulp. They were good, and the idea is that the steam cotton evenly and provide a more consistent success. Yes, they did, and they were so good and full of flavor. coil 0.15ohm enough good to say and rinsed. It has a wide range of 40-90W. I use a 50w tank better because I found in the throat and taste. Everyone is different. Also included is an X3-C1s coil, which is more worthy than I like, especially with some 0.35ohm 40-80W, I return to 50W.

1 replacement crystal clear, however, IJOY Mercury Vape show new is a glass bubble that is becoming increasingly available for each game today. Tool kit, USB cable, manual and warranty card

To build

I will not lie, it really is the constructed model and demonstrates the high quality at an affordable price. The Mod is very heavy and it seems short drag and jeans when placed in the pocket so ideally, I recommend keeping hold of it. The color screen is a decent size and does not fade in the light completely. Therefore, it is a good choice for sunny days vaping. The buttons above and also host another mood light down took me back more than a gimmick at all. However, they are bright and do not together mod. solid shot button and not play all managed to fire mod is very close to the bottom for a good cry.

mod adapter and battery are rubber are my options for adapters as they can be more uncomfortable. I wismec have this right with the plastic.

However, on the record, with excellent battery slipping and do not play at all IJOY. I decided to use the 18650s, only to feel the adapter if it is a good choice. And yes, a high or mAh battery, with a good brand, you should be fine and obtain optimum power output. However, the use of batteries 20700 is recommended, which makes it last longer. I will buy if you are not well 3500mAh EFest.

IJOY well done, they made the first mod voice command AI is good, yes, it works fine, as long as the actual command is known, I use it? Of course not, this is not something I and, above all, I must say that the way it works is in great shape and they managed to do what it was. I went through different commands just to say you have to go.

Starts saying “Hello IJOY” then follow with the control (13 in total), for example, romantic lighting, the light fading little by little between different catchy colors!

deposit revenge … OMG, brightness enjoyed ohms deposition. Would I buy one … yes, and the main reason is that the coil mesh movement now produce rolls of mesh.

This network of the first coil and I was impressed. Now where do I start with them? Therefore, IJOY JUPITER click in coil in the tank where the shape of the tip of a ball so cold eyes. high air volume, and is a constant success, I received a report that the tank whistling from time to time.

I have nothing to do with the show again and again encouraging signs of a strong vaporizer. SS end so not as hot as uniform coil hot grill, so even provide steam. mm tank 25 and will certainly fill the superior design and control of air flow to the bottom side.

the screen is a decent size and very obvious to the eye. Some people have become aware that the subject can not be changed, I’m afraid you can not. However, the image of the concept car that looks fresh and not in accordance with the design of a more mod. At some point, I’m sure the firmware update that enables the configuration. If there IJOY recommend letting the user change it.

There is an option to change the default hot; Manual, natural, soft and hard. manual mode can be changed in accordance with the wishes of the first 3 seconds of heating. temperature control mode is as follows; SS, Ni, Ti, and memory mode two TCR but also. If it was not because I was driven by strength anyway.

mod itself centering pin 510 again this location is a plus for me and helped make the display MOD must be isolated some places. a model that can handle anything the tank 30 mm and guess what he did was not wrong.

I went to the evil juice and juice thick juice Joes’ll within three kinds of juice but why bother me know what I want with this tank and still a blast.

I tried again TC does not support the need for rules as closure and re-supply. Not a problem for me, as I prefer the power mode is simpler and easier to use. So stick with it …

In a two week period, I just used IJOY Shogun Kit get code mesh and work together as it was when I used. The ignition coil quickly, and I could not how quickly could use it. I could not put this in the first test because I was so overwhelmed by what happens outside this little gem that I can not get my head around all …

Anyway, escape … no wonder vapor too literally every part and let it run through again.

I have no problem with the kit. All the above in relation to the TC mode, I do not like much. I managed to get control of AI and grew on me, but I use it? No … I do not need’m not, but I do not see why they do it. It brings a lot of attention for the mod. However, it really is not necessary, as it was very nice.

In the final review

I decided not to give full by the end of the month for these products because they could not give more information. On the way to do it. All I can say is good cone IJOY for voice control in the first mod. Jammy you …


large air flow
constant taste
Colour selection
no leak
great cloud
-High quality finish
It is beautiful with little resistance to the complete configuration of the airflow
X3 networks
large fire button
high quality construction
Under strong near the door
Options to use the 18650 or 20700


I do not understand the voice control – everyone for themselves – but it works and works well …
Coached by the market
Not all of the CV mode


Would I buy one if lost or damaged … maybe not and has nothing to do with the IJOY Diamond coils click in once trick is not my control as a whole and I see no point in buying. If the VC is not connected to it, yes, because I think the battery will last longer. As for the battery, which lasts 8 hours of constant use.

Buy a tank, I like and I like the way it is built with a solid high I can not Faultier little. So if you need a new tank that looks and works well go get it.

So for me, I give it 4.5 out of 5 babies … Congratulations and good luck in your next business, I’m sure, at some point it will lead to something more attractive on the market. Where are you now?


You can buy here: IJOY

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Review of IJOY Captain Mercury Vape Jupiter Shogun Diamond tank

I have a vapeciga IJOY Captain pd the purposes of this review.

IJOY captain chose two colors:

– blue
– Bronze
– Red
– Black
– Rainbow


– Size: 136.8mm x 52.2mm x 33mm
– Battery: Double 18650
– Output Power: 5-180W
– Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0Ω
– Screen Size: 0.96 inches
– Material: aluminum and silicon
– E-juice Capacity: 5 ml / 2 ml
– Firmware Update

In the box:

– USB cable
– The tank V teachers (X3 mesh coil is installed)
– X3-coil C1
– Free
– Warranty Card

The IJOY Mercury Vape Pod show new Captain 2 Captain and Captain mod 5 atomizer. This device is available in 5 different colors. complete the package, the package you get everything you need and receive an additional coil. Kit 136.8mm x 52.2mm dimensions are x 33mm.


Master 5 mm in diameter is 28 m with a bubble tank and the foam height of 51 mm. atomizer build quality is good, good son and everything is as it should be. In the atomizer can see some details of the controls of the top cover and the airflow calls can see some details of the top cover, you can see “Captain V”, the bottom of the atomizer can see the standard information . In the package with an atomizer, obtained two rolls were great.

Dripping preinstalled Council two rings O, it is always a very nice place and it was inconvenient to use. In this spray can not use a standard or 510,810 tips falls.
Falls below the end, one can see a top hat in the top cover so that it can more easily see the details can unscrew the top lid of the atomizer. This discussion is very good here and you can easily recover the atomizer. Removal of the top cover, can be seen two large holes where you can fill the tank and can fill up the tank of a simpler process.


With the atomizer, you receive two tanks, a tank and a tank regular bubbles. With a capacity of 5 ml spray tank bubble is really a good capacity and a capacity of flat glass tank was 2 ml.
Using the spray, two rolls, one of the networks x3 and the other coil is a coil C1 x3 are obtained. X3 receive coils mesh coil atomizer, the coil resistance is 0.15ohm and 40-90w work. Receive coils in the package it is x3 coil C1, the coil resistance is 0.4ohm coils and work 60-90w.

Basically, you can see the air flow control ring, the ring can view the details so you can easily adjust the airflow. In the air flow control dial, you can see two air holes and the configuration will be the same over the other.


Vapeciga Coil IJOY Jupiter is powered by two batteries and work mod 18650 5-180w. mod good build quality, which is made of good material and this mod must be resistant to water and dust, shockproof, but on their website you can find information about it, only to be told that the military mod mod class . This mod is very convenient to use and when held in your hand mod can see how he was. In the MoD, you can see some details on one side you can see the “IJOY” and the other side you can see the “Captain 2”

From the top you can see the thread connection mod here was good and I had no problems. Spring loaded pin 510 Goldplated here.

From below, you can see the battery cover mod mod and is powered by two batteries 18650. The battery cover is good and so far I have not had a problem here. You really can be easily inserted into the battery and can easily take. An open the battery cover, you can see the rubber to protect water sources.

On one side of the mod, you can see a big fire button. the trigger button is dislocation and works very well. I could say I like this shutter button, which is very convenient to use.
From the front of the mod, you can see the USB port on the side button and the screen below. In USB port, you can see the protective cover on the water. This is not the kind of c USB port. Buttons here are well and no problems with the button. We here 0.96inch screen and on the screen, we have a lot of information.

You can enable or disable the device when the shutter button is pressed 5 times. When the screen, you can see:

– W
– The battery indicator
– Ohm
– AN
– V
– Modus
– against coup
– Time vaping

With a click 3 times on the shutter button, you can go into the menu and the menu you can see:

– Power (here you can turn the heat)
– Tc (Ni, Ti, Ss, M1, M2)
– Set (screen time)
– Recovery Hojaldre

A click on the plus and minus buttons together, you can lock mod and you need to do the same to open when the mod is locked, you can not use the mod.

My spirit:

Let me start with the atomizer, the construction quality of a good spray. You can fill out a simple process. IJOY Shogun jr click in good use of the tips, but can not use standard point here is not 510 or 810 drops. With the atomizer, you receive two tanks so you can use one of them, I like to use here because the ability of the bubble tank, capacity bubble glass tank high capacity 5ml here.

You can replace the coils easily and you can buy this spray for many different rolls, you can even buy the head of the RBA for this device. Atomizer for solids, coil regual flavor but with a very good rolls projecting coil mesh. Mod is very good, along with the Ministry of Defense. excellent build quality mod mod and is resistant to water, dust and shock, said the Ministry of Defense military class. Mod is very convenient to use, it really feels good in the hand. The shutter button is also very convenient, works well and I think the fire button here is really good. I really like the battery cover, so far there is no problem here. Only fraud mod in my opinion, is on the screen, we have a lot of information about the brightness of the screen is good, but not too good in the room, you can see everything in it is very good screen, but it was not well. perfroms mod is very good, I really like and had no problems with the mod. I really recommend the Ministry of Defense and as I said very dense spray works well with the coil mesh and can buy the head of the RBA for sprayers that I like, you can definitely try this kit.


– Can not use a standard tip 810 or 510 falls
– The screen brightness
– No c USB


– The build quality is good
– Pointe falls Practice
– easy to fill
– No leakage
– Many of the different coils
– The head of the RBA
– capacity of 5 ml
– Two coils in the package
– good taste with mesh coil
– mod military class
– a good fire button
– comfortable to use
– Easy to use
– The battery cover is in good condition
– Much of the information on the screen

So IJOY Diamond tank get code is in my opinion a very beautiful model of the tube, which is very subjective, but I like the way it looks and the size of it, because this mod is not much that so it is very comfortable to use. Recently, we can see a lot of tubes mods and I really like, because it can be very useful mods tubes.It works very solid fire button, sensitive and fast, used to 50watts of use. It is great that the package is a 20700 battery so if you do not have a 20700 battery, which can be used. IJOY on 20700 batteries, which have several of these batteries, 21,700 and 20,700 IJOY I batteries, which must be longer and the battery, it still works well. It is encouraging that in the package there is also an adapter for the 18650 and if desired, you can use the 18650 I personally like that can also be used by 21700, but no matter because you can always 20700. use the battery designed a bit here in my opinion and the right IJOY hope with the next update, I think when the battery indicator two bars each time the screen is off and spray missing while pressing the shutter button displays “Saber” and the firmware version, and after the other, you can vape, but I think it will set an update.
Build quiality as I said, very good, again I have to mention the great benefits of the battery, this model is also very convenient to use and if you like the game configuration changes tube.

You can buy here: IJOY

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Voopoo Drag 2 Vinci Too Drag PNP review

The vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 is the latest model of the best known and the first mod Voopoo manufacturers have long been. They Mojo earlier this year, which is a model of the internal battery and quite nice and before it is almost a year, when they launched at voopoo, twice last mod 18650. The mod is double 18650 Vmate estimated 200 watts and organized in box mod style symmetrical centering pin 510. looking around, I saw online that were priced at $ 45-55 range 55-65 USD China or the United States. It is available in 12 colors. 2 choices of silver or pewter frame and different colors for each battery cover include things like wood, green, black, camo, etc.


Manufacturer Specifications: Mod

Size – 89 mm by 47 mm by 30 mm

Weight – 102g

High Amp batteries 18650 Double – Not included

32 digits GENE.Fan sophisticated chipset

Watt Output Range: 5-200W

Output voltage range: 0-7.5V

Resistance range – power mode: 0.05-3.0ohms

Resistance range – TC mode: 0.05-1.0ohms

temperature range: 200 ° -600 ° F / 100 ° -315 ° C

Supports Ni200, titanium, stainless steel Compatibility

setting mode the TCR

POWER mode

zinc alloy-frame construction

intuitive OLED screen

I divide the bedroom battery – Located on each side

shoot button – Located in the bay battery

Two control buttons – Located on top of the battery bay 2

overcurrent protection Output

overload protection

on discharge protection

Short protection -Circuit

Battery load balancing

MicroUSB port

510 access

Available in silver and tin

Emerald green S-S-red camouflage, S-Cascade, S Red S Black Rock, S Wood, S-Surf blue-green camouflage S

P-emerald green, red Camouflage P, P-Cascade, P Red-Green Black Rock P-P, P-Wood, P-Surf Blue, camouflage

Included in the box:


1 Operating User

1 USB cable

1 GEN smart card

1 Warranty Card




First impressions and features

When I saw this mod in the ECC and display that looks good. Screen reminds me that as geekvape and shadow nova legend, but in black and white and went with a symmetrical design that I liked the centering pin 510. The only part of this design is the key and the battery cover mod . The batteries are on the opposite side of the mod and Voopoo Vinci show new but you can not make a single battery and not fashion. The buttons are above the shutter button on one side and a more or less on the other side. Very convenient to use in each hand. Overall, we really designed from the beginning.


Watt Performance mode (graphs and spreadsheets in a photo album)

Now let’s get into some of the data. I ran the normal tests. I use a battery test VTC5A Sony. resistance tests made at 0.12, 0.16, 0.21 and 0.64 ohms. watts maximum points (200), 150, 100, 75, 50 and 25 was 0.12 ohms at maximum out 148 watts and 35 amps. For the rest of the test was a bit on the low side 1-6 watts. Suffer a little, but on par with most mods. 0.16, is maximized to 194 watts. The rest was pretty good low 3-5 watts or 25 watts point to test. To test 0.21 to the limit of 196 watts. Again very good but a little on the low side 2-3 watts largely developed, except 25 tests and 50 tests of 1 watt high. To test limit ranges from 0.64 to 92 watts and 7,679 volts. For the rest of the test fairly high 5.1 watts are common. Volt car exhibits no tour in this mod as most dual battery mods.


Overall, I think the performance of this model is very good. This is only 0.12 ohms wrong establish common for most mods in a small resistance struggle. It is primarily affected minimum bit. I am able to get 196 watts maximum, so I guess it must be accurately evaluated 200 watts. The limit of 7,679 volts indicates no amplification circuit. a list of its members 7.5V maximum volts exceeding the rating is so good too. They do not mention the limit of amps in this mod. The more I was 35 with coils of 0.12 ohms at the end of the battery mod double bottom at most about 40 today. Personally, if I list my specifications call 200 watt mod, 7.5V and 35A. Good overall score, so Voopoo. mod was not hot when stressed at all, but it gets a little warm when you are stressed to the maximum watts in high temperature protection. I have no problem with him personally, because I like the safety features and I do not recommend vaping more than 150 still uses the battery and double battery being mod is above 20 A or CDR assessed by exchanges. There is no visible flame and the delay in this mode watt curve mod works fine too. Also get rid of love and modes of great shit and fire mod because you must be on power is not alpha.


overview of energy performance TLDR

the performance was very good mod. Most hit a few watts lower. To assess precision watt (196), there is an amplifying circuit, 35. low limit Volt amp tested in 7679 that exceed specifications list 7.5V. Watt curve works as it should.


Performance monitoring temperature

Use mode SS SS316 wire tried 6 construction. 2 simple single coil towers, two single-coil double loop construction only one luxury coil, and a double coil construction luxury. At the same voopoo with all mod mods limited to 80 watts in the CV and even rare so once you get full 80. This Voopoo Too get code done in the past. He did a good job with the construction of a single turn coil without breakfast double coil construction, but you could not really build strength coil fantasy. Use only one coil around 50-60 ohms mod 0.15 watts barely able to put more than 40 watts of power. So all limited voopoo mods, which was good, but and something I’d like to fix it. This is like a train too alpha, etc. In today with a lot of good affordable mods that do well TC felt it was not up to par because of the limited usually give fault, but said that if just use a simple single coil around that will work well for her.


Other usage notes

This model uses a standard 5 clicks to turn on and off. The menu system can be much better because it does not include the right menu. Simply click on the fire three times to switch between default watt TC NI, TI TC, TC SS. I do not see how TCR from now, but you can adjust the temperature mode TCR. the same system as other voopoo mods and SS mode is the default of 1300. Also because of the fire so quickly by clicking on fire three times each sizzle product atomiser is used three times. I wish that manufacturers stop pursuing this fire crap instant or less pretend Innokin where there is no fire after the first press 2 and 3 times. I have a fire mod 12 times to go through anyway seemed out of touch. A downward pressure on the submenu which can pass a watt curve and the temperature curves (5 points each memory) and set the temperature mode and block TCR current mode temperature. Using 4 Click the program or to adjust the power curve in the TC mode. Absolutely easy to use. the better with the PC software in which I can program my turn on the computer and remove the TI mode and Ni forming device, but the software does not currently work for vmate. I’m sure it will be updated at some point when the mod is released but now I do not help at all. On the other hand, and the buttons are not labeled somewhat less strange. It is also a front and back which is less.


The Voopoo Drag click in gradually adjusted to 0.1 watts least 100 watts and 100 watts or more gradually completed. Now you have to adapt quickly. The result is annoying to listen to the watt you. They have to lower the barrier of 0.1 an increase of about 20-25 watts. model itself is built solid without rattle at all, and has a good weight. If you feel it is solid, but not heavy. The battery cover is standard magnetic plates. One on each side of the battery and the opposite side mods ignited. It works very well and is very suitable, but not the kind of felt like twice the work for exchange. Not a big problem and it makes sense to keep yourself symmetrically no complaints there. In addition, a magnet on the battery door is reversed so that you can not put the wrong door on the wrong side I thought was cool.


paint looks good and not scratched, and I see the door at the bottom outside of the mine are quite normal. There are only two colors so far frame. Silver and tin. I have one silver and is quite bright and fingerprint magnet. He was the color of the door is the black stone and looks like marble black. I love this. Good indicator of the key dislocation and good size. This is on top of the model and easy to fire with thumb or finger pointer. I like the fire of investment in this mod. It works well and never got stuck or anything though as it should. 510-pin gave me any problems and each spray used the great work flawlessly. Mod handle 25 mm flush atomizer. More outgoing. 510 and focused on the scene and secured to the MOD with two screws at the top. the screen has a good size, I would say black and white screen 0.96 inches is nice and bright and easy to see. In addition to the brand itself is nice and simple logo mod giant crazy not to get shot. Voopoo only a small logo on the back. Very nice mod.



Build quality mod

Simple beauty

The batteries are easy to get without damaging the packaging

12 colors

power mode performance

Watt accurately assess

bright screen size suitable

beautiful button fire

Centering pins 510 which atomizers 25 mm

good volt limit exceeding the recommended specifications

Watt fashion curve

symmetrical design


old-fashioned navigation system

mod fires every time you click to change the mode

Full adjustment over 100 watts (must make a small full of watts)

Max amplifier is slightly lower compared to most dual battery mods

PC software is not updated to keep using the mod

TC performance is very limited

Mode without TCR?


So with all that said, I recommend this mod or not? I do not like or not so hard, but vapeciga Voopoo PNP slightly toward him. Would not recommend for TC because of limits and many other good options are now, but as a pilot mode is well model that works well and looks good in this price range and feels solid but not heavy built. Worth seeing if you’re in the market for a new mod and do not care about the TC or just use a single round wire construction for TC can always live with the drawbacks I’ve found. I liked this mod for me CER sheet link below as power is only mod.


It was Anthony fried Keep only honest, I hope you all can say the same and I’ll catch the next revision.


rejection of the products

This product was sent to me Voopoo


Disclaimer comments

Due to possible differences QC your experience may be different.


critical warning

I made a vaporizer review since late 2016 and has performed over 300 user comments. I like vapers help forum and contribute to the community a great vaporizer. I’m not “off the beaten path” reviewer. I do my best to be complete at any time and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and the test voltage and the results are shown in my opinion.



You can buy here:voopoo

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Review of Voopoo Nano Drag 2 Mini Mod Vinci Too Pod Pnp RBA v

The mod Vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 Mini Modis the last manufacturer of Vape Voopoo quite popular.

Pull the original models are popular because of the performance and the price at the time, but has declined recently and most mods and draw 2 draw their two recent low platinum remains. So we’ll see if alpha zip began to trade against. Alfa is a double zipper mod 18650 180W nominal battery. It comes in a kit with the new tank Maat, I am going to review itself next week if it is not there. It is available in 5 colors that all have a silver frame and choose a different color panel only. design panel called the star, chessboards, Gloria, men and locomotives. Online, I saw only two sites where he recorded human pre-order kit 90-100 dollars like crazy. I consider the price as it gets closer to the release and the output will be closer to 60ish for the kit.

Manufacturer Specifications:
Dimensions: 85 x 51.3 x 25.5 mm
power range: 5-180W
Battery: 18650 dual battery (not included)
Mod Equipment: zinc alloy and stainless steel and plastic
Resistance Range: 0.5-5.0ohm
the output voltage: 0-7.5V
TC Range: 200-600 ℉ / 100-315 ℃
Weight: 166.5g
Included in the box:
Zip Alpha 1 x 180W Mod
1 x USB cable
1 x Manual
1 x GENE smartcard
Warranty Card x 1

first impressions and characteristics

When I arrived in this modern look and feel like your show new Voopoo Vinci Mod. Also mods mod all they have a very similar design. This is the right side has the same screen and a resin panel, but not this time. One thing that also stands out that love is like a giant logo mods have a side attraction. Instead, it signals corresponding to the two sides that looks a lot better for me.Also mods mod all they have a very similar design. This is the right side has the same screen and a resin panel, but not this time. One thing that also stands out that love is like a giant logo mods have a side attraction. Instead, it signals corresponding to the two sides that looks a lot better for me.
Watt Performance mode (Graphics and spreadsheets in a photo album)Now let’s get into some of the data. I ran the normal tests. I use a Sony VTC5A battery test. resistance tests run at 0.12, 0.15, 0.20 and 0.64 ohms. watts maximum points (180), 150, 100, 75, 50 and 25. A 0.12 ohm has reached the maximum of 37 watts and 163 amps. For the remainder of the test, I was struggling a little unusual, but it’s not the norm either. In the Low Voltage 100 and less than 100 watts 6-10 1-9 down it is not very good, but not bad, more or less. 0.15 is maximized to 176 watts. The remainder of the solid representation of the test, more than 100 watts and 7 watts below 100 04.02 high background. To test 0.20 to the limit of 186 watts. For the rest of the test was large, it was a high point 150 and only 3.1 watts. 0.64 Optimizes test to 85 watts and 7.363 volts. For the rest of the test was a little 3 watts to 75 but less than 75 years to the point. Volt shows no driver circuit in this mod like most dual battery mods are not a big problem, because it is not necessary, but when they have one.
Overall, I think the performance of this model is very good. was not only impressive, but it was better than many, but not as good as some of the best. More than enough for any normal person to use. He is a solid power mode player voopoos all the mods. Limits shown to 7.363 volt excitation circuit, but not necessary here. Limit 7.5V users to record their great equalizer. the limits of the amplifier are not listed and waiting list every three workers. In this mod and most amplifiers 37, with an average of 0.12 ohm coils sufficient to double the mod 18650. Currently, the average is give or take a few 40 years. More than enough. Watt curve mode also works very well too. Personally, if I list my specs call mod 185 watts, 7.5V and 37A. So overall a good player and a good note
Overview TLDR energy efficiencymod solid performance. Ranked Good for Watts (186), there is an amplification circuit, but not required, limit 37 amps clicks sound is a little less than 0.12 ohms, but on top of that a little false. Watt curve mode works very well
monitoring temperature performanceThe use of wire SS316 and SS mode, I’ll keep it short sweet and pretty. You still have a limit of 80 watts is not even 80 watts anyway. For example, using a model building Release 0.26 ohms less than 40 watts. There is no way I can go with the TC model as today, so I do not need much.

f you want to have a good Voopoo Too Mod click in TC mod today they need to throw the limit of 80 watts, and because they use the system TCR non-standard, but must also address the updating of standards 95% mods used today.

I would not recommend the double mod battery for TC is not, at the least give the current minimum of 80 watts of power and have a hard time recommending a system with TCR non-standard, except work out of the box without adjustment. SO generally not advised for TC mode mod.

Note the use of other
This model uses a standard 5 clicks to turn on and off. The menu system is approximately equal to all the mods is really going on, and in need of a major upgrade. He did not have an adequate system for navigation mode. Click to shoot the three modes races Watts next cycle> Customize> TC (using the up and down to choose not to go to the area again TC between SS, NI, and computers. Due useful in any case the configuration of this mod and mode using the operation mode and down to enter the submenu how switching between power (labeled M) and the W curve (labeled M1-5) when the curve mode watts, click fires 4 times to establish the program. you can program 5 different memory power curve, fire and wait for the MoD lock (no you can not shoot not only near the knob) and the basement and subsequent fire on the screen. the truth is necessary to reorganize the menu system becomes easier to use, but there will be much of a problem because most uses people every watt is also only in fashion here and ange ch between the curve Watt it is quite simple.

Alpha ZIP Voopoo gradually adjusted to 1 watt only 5-180 watts. Personally, I like it. For now fit pretty fast, so, so, so there. Not round robin. The model itself was built without a crackling noise at all, and have good solid weight to it. The battery is flat part of the standard magnetic door. It works very well and good that almost no play and has a coating on the inside for extra protection. Cats in this nice mod also signs of wear beyond normal wear each set mod. My star is a silver body with stars and stripes design on it. parts blue and bright red reflection, while non-reflective matte. Very nice design and contrast. All colors have a silver body.

Use the wireless mode SS SS316 tried 6 construction. 2 rounds per single coil, double loop single coil, two coils of luxury only construction, and construction in a luxury double coil. This mod is again limited to 80 watts of sadness is something that should be considered and does not provide 80 watts anyway. It depends on the strength and you will be less than 80 watts can get. This makes it can be used to build the two coils cabins and effectively limit how the ability to build something single coil disappointing. pulsey also feels enough, so I do not remember the original creature, because he pulsey, but may be based on one of the lower my standards with few affordable options TC. Regarding accuracy is slightly lower, hit and you can customize it and I would play more if the best treatment, but as TC now behind the curve and not really worth playing today. That said, I do not like slip 2 competition in different markets becomes smaller, lower power consumption, the internal battery model so that the border is no big deal because dragged 2. Again this is not one of the best outside, but less passable in mod this. This is not something that immediately recommend to the TC, but not something I really want to avoid both.

Note the use of other
This mod using 5 Standard, click on the fire button to turn on and off. There is no law like menu system. Using a 3 cycle-click mode. There is power, TC and fit. CT selection will give the possibility SS, Ti or Ni. You can activate the TCR way I do not like it you can adjust the TCR remains and also removed Ni and Ti mod me through the software now when the cycle just goes SS TC mode. There is a sub menu for TC and maintain power mode where up and down the submenu. I hope they will use the system menu so many changes now completely private. Pull down and inverted and a fire shield and lock the device. You can not shoot when the device is locked. There is no way to block just dial. power mode (no choice of heating), Watt Curve Curve Fit Temp, and TC for Ni, Ti, and SS and guide TCR (TCR must be activated manually).

The Voopoo Drag Nano Pod get code slide set in increments of 1 watt which I personally like, but not the round robin and move slowly when you type are kept.

yes quality construction dropwise Mod is a mix of things. No buttons Rattle, enumeration 1.8A charge rate level. I did some basic tests with the meter USB line and the more I get is 1.6 A for what I consider to have been evaluated accurately. They list 4400mAh battery which means the possibility of two cell 2200mAh which we know is a series. I have no way to prove it, but in normal life battery usage is one of the best ever obtained from an internal battery model. In addition, there is no charge cycles alternately on and off all the time to recharge the same compared to most of the burden of constant mods. I think this was done to protect the battery and allows a higher level of cost and not much, but it’s worth mentioning.
small fire standard buttons rectangular buttons engraved with X. worked well and never had anything locked or right, no complaints. 510 big pin and gave me no problems with the atomizer. Mod handle atomizer 25 mm without false and not based mod 510 just slightly back to front, which is limited only by the thickness of the mod. screen is long outdated “DNA” style black and white screen. They really need to get a better view. But it was quite bright and better than mod 2. This also falls into the picture mod only a small voopoo each side panel integrated into the design. Nothing crazy or face. Both under the brand overall. Including the charge level of 1.8 A, but it is not advisable to charge the internal changes like this, but for the sake of information that I did a quick test on the costs and get the most 1.64a as it is, is good enough to score and only 1.5 more cargo , do not complain

The battery is easy to obtain, without damaging the package
Nice and panel design
color (5)
two 510 pin
Attys handle 25 mm without false
power settings easily and quickly
Watt accurately classified
volt appropriately classified
Limiting amplifier solid
good performance in the power mode
Mode watt good curve
underperforming TC
black and white screen, a small obsolete
The menu system needs improvement to facilitate the use of
All colors have the same color pattern (SS only)
So, with all that said, I recommend this mod or not? I do not like it or not, and I had to find another. 18650 dual market is flooded with so many good choice and very competitive today, it is very difficult to stand out. Alpha ZIP is no different, but if TC is not used equally well as the player is much more acceptable.

It is also one of the best overall dual vapeciga Voopoo Pnp RBA battery to date (good) and well above the barriers increase 2.

Paint is better, there is no room 510, the better the battery cover, no entertainment giant logos, screen etc, etc, in fact almost all of my complaints about barriers 2 except the TC mode. So yes, if you are in the market for supply mode that looks value mod and if you are a fan voopoo and see autumn 2 get is a better choice many assuming of course that is available at a reasonable price for all other mods on the results. I added to my recommendations on the bottom sheet mod power mode, please check the link if you’re in the market for anything.

It was Anthony fried keep only honest, I hope you can say the same thing and I’ll catch the next revision.

rejection of products
This product was sent to me Voopoo

comments disclaimer
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Why Vaping causes coughing

Why does Vape cough? More than half of Vape users will cough, to be exact 57%. If so many people cough  Asmodus Minikin, why is this not a problem? In short, there are many reasons why people cough when using Vape, but none of them are harmful. So, what is the reason behind the cough when you smoke Vape?
Why does Vape cough?
The main cause of our cough is irritation in the throat or lungs. Stimulus does not necessarily mean that it is bad, it is just the body’s response to an unknown situation. IJOY Avenger Have you ever coughed when you drink too fast? This does not mean that your life is in danger, it is just the natural response of your throat to unexpected situations. This is what happens when you cough.
So when using Vape, what causes cough? The first possible reason is that the nicotine content is too high. The higher the nicotine content Timesvape Vape Pod, the greater the irritation of the throat, which is what we usually call the throat sensation, which irritates the throat and causes coughing.

Another possible cause of coughing is Vape itself. When people switched to Vape from smoking for the first time, they were not used to the feeling of steam in their throats. They inhale steam in the same way as smoking, which can also irritate the throat and cause coughing. Coupled with the heat of the atomized steam, the throat is dry and it can also cause you to cough.
The last possible reason is the self-healing of your throat after you stop smoking. As the damage caused by the larynx is recovering, the larynx becomes more sensitive in the process. This means that when the steam comes into contact with the throat apv mod, it can cause irritation and therefore cough.
Is there a problem with coughing?
As we said before Vape Atomizers, no. Coughing is purely a reaction, because you are not used to the nebulization experience. This does not mean that it is as harmful as smoking, it does not mean that you should switch back to smoking.
When you cough, your throat is not damaged. On the contrary, when your throat is healing the damage caused by your years of smoking, coughing is not a bad thing. In fact,  Eleaf Istick although 57% of people cough while using Vape, 93% also report that this is not a long-term problem. In other words, when they finally get used to Vape, the coughing stops naturally.
How to stop coughing?
Although this is temporary and harmless to the body, it is really annoying to cough frequently. Is there a way to speed up the process of relieving the cough? The answer is simple: yes. In fact, there are many ways, depending on your situation, there may be a very simple solution.
If you use e-liquid with higher nicotine content Eleaf Vape, the easiest way is to directly reduce the nicotine content of e-liquid to reduce irritation to the throat and prevent coughing due to irritation.
If you feel that your throat is dry after using Vape, please drink a glass of water to relieve the symptoms of throat dehydration and avoid coughing.
Another way to stop coughing is to keep practicing the technique of using Vape, and find a way that suits you IJOY Shogun, a comfortable way. People think that the longer the cough, the longer it will last, so finding the right way to use it in time will shorten the coughing process, and you can even switch from mouth to lung.
When the throat is gradually healing from the damage caused by smoking, you don’t need to do anything, you just need to let it recover slowly and let the healed throat adapt to the feeling of Vape atomization.
93% of coughers will gradually reduce their cough symptoms. As you adapt to Vape, coughing will no longer be a problem. If you still have a coughing problem, then it may be a more serious health problem that has nothing to do with using Vape YOOZ Vape Pod System. Trust me, you should seek medical attention in time to find out if you have any other problems besides using Vape.
Since 93% of coughers will gradually reduce their coughing symptoms, the easiest way to help your body through this problem is to keep breathing. As you inhale for a long time Aspire Breeze, your body will become more accustomed to it, and coughing will no longer be a problem. If you still have the problem, then it may be a symptom of a more serious problem and you should see your GP to make sure there are no potential problems before starting the nebulization.

CCell Hand 510 String Oil Vaporizer Declaration

CCell Hand 510 String Oil Vaporizer Declaration
The CCell Hand is simply one of one of one of the most favored Vapehop smoke store rta vape
510 string vaporizers on the market right now. 510 thread vapes are obtaining destination along with likewise expose no indications of decreasing.

As excellent quality best cbd oil vape pen starter kit cannabis concentrates are winding up being a huge amount added extensively comfortably given, oil cartridges Eleaf istick vapehop are producing a great deal of interest. The CCell Hand battery is a chosen because of the truth that it is smooth, mobile and furthermore reputable.

The Layout of the CCell Hand vaporizer for smoking Vaporizer

The CCell Hand is a little Vapehop joyetech vape
510 string vaporizer that fits extremely conveniently in your hand. It is utilized in a number of tones, circumstances are belo

The back of the CCell Vape pen lips that grip reddit Vapehop Hand is open to assure that you can see your cartridge. This makes it Vape pen vapeciga
truly very easy to track just how much oil you have in reality left in your cartridge.

The battery is 550mAh ability, that includes problem-free power and likewise smok vape pen 22 coils lasts for a very long time. I make use of the vaporizer generally throughout the day as well as just expense it stressing when a week about. There is an LED light on the top of the Hand in addition to it blinks 10 times to disclose when your battery is level.

Presently, you need to put vape lounge the Hand on the USB battery charger gave up the package. It bills with a little USB port placed under of the device.

The LED light on the top of the gadget Vape juice vapeciga
is on a routine basis on while the battery is charging. The Hand costs entirely in concerning a hr.

As swiftly as the battery is completely charged, the LED blinks 20 times as well misty cigarettes as likewise later on closes down.

HoneyStick Fairy Lorry Generate Ultracompact 510 String Oil Concealer

The property is developed out of split light-weight aluminum alloy to make it solid along with additionally testing. I have in reality been bring mine in the pocket and dropped it a number of times in enhancement to it reveals select vape no signs of the issue.

What Can be found in package with ma vape ban the CCell Hand 510 Battery?

The Hand can be uncovered in cool vapes a very well made Vape shops vapeciga
slide-out box as you can see below.

In bundle you \ \ \ \ \ \ \’ll situate:

— One CCell Hand Vaporizer battery,
— A fast USB repayment cord,
— 2 steel magnetic adapters,vandy vape pulse as well as on top of that
— A warranty card for registering your assurance

Simply simply exactly how to Make use of the CCell Hand Cartridge Vape?

Making use of batteries for 510 carts is cheap vape instead very easy in addition to the CCell vaporizers are recognized to be extremely necessary to make use of.

The CCell Hand is inhale switched on so essentially, all you require to do is to include a 510 cartridge to the vape in addition to on top of that absorb along with worth the CCell experience.

CCell advises utilizing their very own Vape shops vapeciga
CCell cartridges for the very best efficiency. Constantly keep in mind that the premium quality of the cartridges you make use of is an absolutely fundamental part of your vapor high quality. Superior 510 cartridges, like the authentic CCell TH2 refillable cartridges given right here, are essential to obtain terrific top quality vapor smokes.

To start, all you require to do is screw on one of the offered magnetic steel adapters to the stuffed cartridge in addition to slide it right into the Hand battery.

That is precisely simply specifically just how very easy it is to make the most of the CCell Hand. There are no buttons or setups to mess around with, you merely load your cartridge in addition to additionally draw. The heater turns on from the air task as you are vaping.

Vapir Prima Portable Vaporizer Review [VIDEO] Choice

The CCell Hand is merely among amongst one of one of the most preferred together with the majority of reliable 510 string oil cartridge batteries on the sector along with it is for a superb component. They are just one of the most practical to use along with suit most oils. It is ultra-tiny and additionally rather extremely discreet together with extremely basic to conceal from unwanted emphasis. The CCell Hand is a whole lot more than a vape pen.

The 550mAh 3.7 v rechargeable battery powers the vaporizer well along with it creates wonderful substantial clouds of vapor. Great along with likewise powerful efficiency from such a mobile vaporizer.

We such as the CCell Hand how to vape cbd oil right below at VapeFuse after testing as well as similarly utilizing it for a long time. I incredibly recommend it to anybody that is searching for a trustworthy vaporizer.

An extra innovative mobile vape from CCell salty marshmallow is the brand-new Silo battery. If you appreciate discovering CCell batteries, take a look at the testament detailed below.

If you have any type of kind of sort of experience making the most of the CCell Hand that you would definitely vape street indulge in to share or if you have any type of type of kind of type of problems, please enable us recognize in the statements location provided here.

What is a Vaporizer or Vape?

What is a Vaporizer or Vape?

Vaporizers are specialized tools created to warm organic compounds to release their energetic components.

Vaporizers make use of electricity or butane best vaping devicesgas as a source of power to warm your plant matter to temperatures below combustion. At these temperatures, cheap vape pens the energetic components such as cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, and various other advantageous substances are released without creating tar or smoke.

E-cigarettes as well as mods for e-juices, as well as all sorts of marijuana vaporizers, are referred to as ‘vaporizers’ or ‘vapes’.

Well, if you look at the Oxford orpa hreflsar vape Cambridge dictionary, Vaping or vape ‘is making use of e-cigarettes or various other devices that let you breathe in nicotine or various other medications as vapor, instead of smoke.’ The term had actually come to be so popular, that in 2014, Vape’ was named as words of the year by the Oxford vandy vape simple ex Dictionary.

In this write-up, we’ll focus predominantly amazing vapes on weed vaporizers.